Ono Bello Shares

Yet another Nigerian lady has just called out company, Uber, claiming that she was robbed last week Tuesday in an Uber in Lagos, and valuables including jewelry, phones worth 1M were taken away.

The lady, Christabel, who happens to be the sister to fashion blogger, Ono Bello shares her story. She wrote;

“I got robbed on Tuesday the 27th of June using uber in Lagos. The driver took me off my route to a very lonely dark spot. He had enough time to leave the place. He just stopped the car meanwhile the engine was still running. A guy emerged from no where peeping into the car I told him dis guy is dangerous please leave. He looked at the guy and kept on looking at his phone. The bad guy came with another guy smashed both the windows from behind the left and right respectively. I sustained multiple cuts. They went away with my valuables. Uber is saying they ain’t going to compensate me for my loss and horrific experience. I had to arrest the Uber driver, the case is in court’.
‘Uber is a win win organisation. Just for the money. If you use Uber and calamity struck. You are on your own. Beware of Uber Nigeria. I’m lucky to be alive. I am still weighing my option on how to make a case with Uber. Uber ought to take adequate measure in ensuring the drivers are well trained and make proper background check on the drivers. Failure to do do they ought to be accountable. I am left with nothing but pain and sorrow. My crime was that I used Uber’.<>

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