Thursday, March 23, 2023

Six Siblings Poisoned To Death In Anambra Set To Be Buried. (Heartbreaking Photos)


Heartbreaking photos shows six children from the same parents who were poisoned to death by an unknown person in Ekwulumili area of Anambra state.


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The children were said to have met a pot of food in their house, not knowing it was poisoned, ate it and all died instantly. This was some time in July and according to the obituary above, they will be buried on Saturday, November 5th in their hometown.

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Comments 368

  1. Ooh my God, who did this to their parents, God avenge them

  2. Oge Joy says:

    God of mercy

  3. August Nuel says:

    At least. U would mk heaven. Ur still kids

  4. My God revenge for d death of dis children, ppl re heartless

  5. Doris Chioma says:


  6. Who could have done this? God of vengeance everything is in your hand

  7. Doris Chioma says:

    Who did this to this family eeeee, rip

  8. Ifeoma Anene says:

    God In heaven avenge

  9. Gber Mercy says:

    My goodness, Rip

  10. Oh my God hv mercy.. Ds is wickedness.. God please avenge for their death and may d perpetrators of ds evil never know peace in their lives..

  11. Pure wickedness

  12. Chie! Lord only u cn console d parent of dis children.

  13. The devil is just out there to kill,steal and to destroy..
    But indeed he will never see our families or loved ones
    bcos theres a God in heaven,the most powerful who is watchinq over me and you…
    I pray their souls rest in peace
    but God wont rest until he purnish those who did this evil act!

  14. Cyndy Elex says:

    God will definitely punish whosever that does this.this is purely wickedness

  15. My dear Angels fly home the Lord is waiting for you and his ears open to you cries and worries fly home that’s where you live with the Lord forever.

  16. Hmmmmmm nawa oo

  17. Old News..

  18. God of vengeance pls d time has come,dis wickedness must come 2 an end.may dere gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

  19. May the wrath of God rest on the head of their killer IJN. What a wicked world!

  20. 1 thing I know is that the wicked will not go unpunished… RIPP

  21. OMG! What sin have they committed or their parent that made the the person to do these. What a wicked world.

  22. God!!!! This is ur fight

  23. Tony Cag says:

    Ibos clamouring for biafra , yet they keep killing themselves out of hate and envy..
    it would be a dangerous thing if that biafra ever sees the light of day because you all will just kill you selves for leadership..
    these kinds of killing carries much more sentiments than that committed by boko haram.

    • Bros it seems ur brain is in ur anus. Stupid comment

    • Tony Cag says:

      Lilian Chinonso go and tell your husband at home the same thing , then you come back and tell me the result ??

    • Mercy Cyril says:

      Tony cag,you must be a foolish and insensitive man,what brought about this your comment

    • Uj Cisca says:

      So u DAT is not Igbo have not experience killing in ur tribe if so den I wonderbif u r a being or a clown,and let me ask u is this ur inferiority complex write-ups d best u could do for these children hmm bros think again n this time plz reason with ur brain n not Anus

    • Tony cag, u are correct. Not all IGBOS love themselves. But yet they are calling on visionless biafra

    • tony rag,,I dey dash brains for free because yhur own down expire,,,receive sense in Jesus name

    • Tony Cag says:

      lol , the women Uj Cisca Lilian Chinonso seems to be so fascinated by the anus , is that the next place to shove your cucumber????

    • Tony, it happen in all tribe, even you can do it in as much your heart is full of evil..chill, stop d hatred!, it leads you nowhere!!

    • Tony Cag says:

      Annabel Blessed Imoh you even thinking i can do such implies your heart is capable of such… please i can’t do such.. people have done worse things to me but killing them never crossed my mind…
      everyone can’t be evil as you…

    • Annabel don’t mind d fool, he lacks public manner, my husband doesn’t behave as u just did. He goat

    • Tony Cag says:

      Lilian Chinonso and how did i behave exactly? are you really sure your husband isn’t like me????

    • Tony, I said in as much your heart is full of evil.take for example, the poisoner, that person’s heart is full of evil, it started with hatred, he or she must have hate the parents to d point of being, your hatred on igbo people might lead you to poison your igbo friends if care is not taking..u gat that point?, or u need more explanation??

    • You’re very right Tony, Igbos are very wicked to ask independent

    • Tony Cag says:

      Annabel Blessed Imoh , am ibo so how can i hate ibo people…i have seen too many similar hate there for me make this point…either they feel intimidated by their brother’s or his kids success or just envy…a revolution is needed to bring a stop to this shit else..and moreover you have to admit and identify a problem for you to be able to solve it..

    • I be Igbo too ,but what tony cag said is the fact, the problem we Igbo’s have is hatred and envy ,hausa s and yourba love dem self ,but we igbo s we hate our self

    • @Tony no mind dem dats d bitter truth let dem kip on aggitating 4biafra.

    • If our igbo Governor’s can’t rule well in Nigeria, how can they rule well as governors in biafra?

    • Biafra must stand whether cow brain likes it or not.Hausa’s are killing IBO’s over little misunderstanding, they want everyone to turn into Muslim.if i was to be born in Nigeria again,i must choose to be ibo or nothing else.

    • This northern goat is just looking for who to give him attention… fool

    • What does Biafra got to do with to dis problem? @ Tony Cag

    • Abeg my sister help me ask them.

    • Why are you guys hating on Tony?he’s right.I keep saying it igbos can’t rule themselves.imagine dis.let’s tell ourselves d truth d wickedness against fellow Igbos pass other tribes.wicked tribe….God have mercy on d killers

    • Just passing by

    • My dear is not d issue of ibos devil in human fm is everywhere may God deliver us amen

    • Tony cag you are indeed a fool at forty, what connot this poisoning and Biafra agitation. Hausa kills themselves when there is religious rivals, igbos kills when there is clash of interest(inheritance) hausa honour their leaders while igbo hardly. Hausa cultures are primitively oriented while igbo cultures are mordernised. The behaviour of Nigerians stems from our cultures. Yorubas are exceptiona because they don’t know what they deserve, anything they see becomes their trade mark, they are gullible irrespective of their academic status. They fear too much. They are i am because we are. Hausa are progressing because 98% of them are illiterate and their illiteracy can never modernise their culture. Igbos are wise men irrespective of their ascephalous ideas, they have all the potentials needed in human life. Igbos can kill to get a desired result. Biafra shall soon raise their flag and many igbos will also die for Biafra to have a good government. Since 1957 when the motion of self government was move for nigeria by Enahoro, have we ever had a government devoid of ethnocentric dicotomy, religious bigotism?

    • Tony Cag says:

      congrats Ugochukwu Orogwu you just wasted data , time , energy , space writing rubbish??

    • Faith Issy says:


    • Chival Orji says:

      Who’s so ever will not go unpunish

    • I concur…………Igbo cannot rule themselves,GOD!!!!!!May the souls of this little kids that know nothing about the world yet rest in your bossom

    • Peace Andrew says:

      Prove it @ Uzuegbu

    • Pls this isn’t the right post to write political stories about any tribe# jeez# six innocent babies about to be buried and y’all bringing sentiment and politics….

  24. Arise oh Lord & visit the person & anybody that is a party to this wickedness with your vengeance in Jesus name Amen.

  25. God who did dis.? Rip swt angels

  26. Haàaa so sad

  27. R I P

  28. Oh Jesus, who ever that have done this wickedness will never go unpunished

  29. God pls avenge their death is very sad news oh

  30. Rest in peace kids! So sad

  31. Nuel Ebuka says:

    Ehya. RIP

  32. This is pure wickedness from the highest order, Jesus pls avenge for their death. Where will their parent start from oo……….

  33. Some times I get so scared of how human minds can be so deep and wicked, How on earth can someone sleep or have rest of mind after committing such atrocity. Oh my God have mercy.

  34. Tony Cag we don’t need to be told that you are mad its writing all over your face.

  35. Linda Magaji says:

    God, Jesus what a wicked word? Pls the person that poisoned them should remain on earth without dieying till thee kingdom come. May their souls rest in peace with the lord.

  36. Lovth Essien says:

    Rest in peace little angels the Lord is at work, the wick shall not go unpunished…

  37. Jesus Christ, end time in deed God

  38. Their souls will surely rest in peace… But for the Poisoner’s, I feel so sorry for you. You gain nothing but regrets cuz this is going to hunt you for the rest of your live.

  39. Ure Daniel says:


  40. What a wicked world!

  41. Wat a wicked world we re leaven…oh God av mercy..u will surely payback in d nxt 6months

  42. Veronica Nma says:

    Thank God man no be God, because if a human can have a heart to kill a whole family that means if that person is God, he or she would have killed the whole village, its a deliberate attempt to wipe out the family but I guess there parents went out, but you see that man or woman with his or her will die Thesame way because he who kills with gun will die by gun .

    • Veronica Nma says:

      Thank God man no be God, because if a human can have a heart to kill a whole family that means if that person is God, he or she would have killed the whole village, its a deliberate attempt to wipe out the family but I guess there parents went out, but you see that man or woman with his or her family will die The same way because, he who kills with gun will die by gun ? .

  43. Kundu Raph says:

    Rip to them,,,,,,,,am sure you people will rest the right hand of Almighty

  44. Nawaooo… What a loss

  45. Perfect defination of wickedness no pass dis. Lord know’s.

  46. God in ur hands pls take control we humans dnt av hrt fr one anoder RIP we leave it fr u to judge aw wil d mother feel pple ar wicked

  47. where in Anambra please!?!? I can’t really understand why fake news is everywhere this days. are they trying to gain attention or what!?!?!

  48. Faith Nomayo says:

    Haba, this person

  49. What a wicked world

  50. Sarah Duncan says:

    Hmmmmm yabaleft yabaleft I Dnt Blve ur stories anymore

  51. Rip….this is so sad…what a wicked world

  52. Wicked world pipo

  53. Hmmmm what the hell is this, like seriously if its that they will get their medicine priest to get the devil please they angels

  54. Wickedness to s highest order

  55. Lord have mercy, May their soul rest in peace Amen.

  56. Uj Cisca says:

    Pray for ur patents dear little ones n may God grant u all peaceful rest on

  57. Wicked generation…

  58. Who is responsible for dis highest evil,too very God

  59. Oh God hv mercy

  60. Charity Eddy says:

    May their soul rest in peace

  61. Ngozi Iloha says:

    May their soul rest in peace amen

  62. May their gentle soul rest in peace but for their killers i leave whoever in the hands of God

  63. yhu dey craze bah?person die,yhu dey here dey telll about gamble/cha cha,, guy respect yhur old age

  64. RIP

  65. Ooh no… why… how can you do such a evil thing… I don’t know how their parents are going through as a parent I feel the pain… anyway May God judge whoever did that… rest in peace

  66. Ebere Nnadi says:

    Chaii,God was the heart of men made of?why?why?remember that u cannot remain on earth day u wil die and face yor shall never b well wit evil ones so said the Bible

  67. Jesus, may their souls rest in peace.

  68. May their souls rest in peace. But God will arise and punish the evil doers from the first generation of his or her to the fourteen generations none of them will go without reap from this sins in Jesus name.

  69. Anambra…devilish state

    • Victory Udoh watch your tongue before it put’s you into trouble, your devilish Akwa Ibom state is not good either so if you don’t no what to say just keep your mouth shut.

  70. Ojeifo Ruth says:

    It will Neva b well with d person DAT did such wicked act…Were are we heading too. Ve mercy on us oh Lord. May their soul rest in peace…Hmmmmmmmmm

  71. May their souls rest in perfect peace

  72. Yabaleft yabaright I don’t know any longer when you give us a true picture of any incident. Well, eternal rest grant them O’ Lord thru the mercy of God rip

  73. Wicked world

  74. The person who did this will mourn over his/her children till the 7th generation

  75. So sorry for the lost may their gentle souls rest in peace.

  76. Whoever did this, has murdered sleep he or she will never go unpunished this is the height of wickedness

  77. Edna Toke says:

    May your gentle Souls R I P

  78. May the energetic souls of these innocents brutally cut short find peace in the bossom of God. And may the sword of vengeance never depart 4rm the perpetrators of this evil IJN l pray. Amen

  79. Joyce Nzete says:

    God will surely punish the poisoner, the spirit of those children will hurt that person anywhere he/ she will be. It has been recorded in the Holy scripture no peace for the wicked. They will never find peace in Jesus name. Amen

  80. Whosoever that did this will not see peace in this life in Jesus Christ name Amen

  81. Jasahu Layamutuhu God of vengeance avenge in time It is paining I feel like dieying. Let them rest in perfect peace. Amin Yahalahu

  82. Holy Mary…..

  83. Doris Jenny says:

    …evil that men do!!

  84. Wicked world, my their souls rest in peace

  85. Eve Mo Eve O says:

    May God be the comforter to parent it hard to bear oh what a world of wicked we live in . RIP

  86. Speechless

  87. Juliet Eze says:

    R. I. P…… xo sad

  88. Oh, my God

  89. May their souls rest in their maker’s bosom. Very sad story .

  90. Chioma Udogu says:

    Rip, the wicked will not go unpunished

  91. Indi Bala says:

    Boko haram in another face…………….

  92. I can’t hold my tears

  93. Odey Agnes says:

    May their soul rest in peace

  94. Cyprian Ikpa says:

    Rip amen

  95. May their soul rest in perfect peace

  96. Oo my God Why people are so wicked.

  97. Vicky Daniel says:

    May Your Gentle Souls Rest In Perfect Peace. (Amen).

  98. God shall surely avenge your deaths.RIP

  99. So bad


  101. Louis Osazee says:

    wicked world…

  102. Rip 2 d other room….

  103. May their gentle soul rest in peace Amen

  104. What a wicked world we live in! May God have mercy

  105. Bassey Lizzy says:

    Who ever done this will not leave to see the end of this year Amen

  106. May their gentle souls rest in peace Amen

  107. Sabina Okeke says:


  108. Will their mother survive

  109. Oh jah

  110. May ur gentle souls rest in perfect peace

  111. God help us, may der soul rest in peace

  112. What a wicked world, anybody behind this must not go unpunished, may the souls of this innocent children rest in peace

  113. Heartbreaking. What will be the fate of their parents? What a wicked world! It will never be well with whoever has done this. You can’t create life and you find pleasure in destroying lives. God will never forgive who did this no matter the amount of your repentance. RIP children

  114. Dis is very painful seriously, may dere soul rest in peace. and 4 d person who killed dem will not leave to tell d story.

  115. Let the person that poison them, carry their meat and eat, cause meat is ready, since u want to wipe the entire family off from d surface of the earth. Let their family members gave him/her their meat, one after d other but if he /she refuses, let them start cutting his own nd use it for pepper soup. HEARTLESS world.
    To give birth to one is like hell bf u talk of six. God punish who ever hand that is in their killing

  116. Tumps up to de killer, u,ve killed deier body bt nt soul, will u evr be at peace? Wunt u die? & wen u die wr will u be? human beings r wicked let God judge.

  117. May God hv mercy upon whose ever dat did this to those children, may their souls rest in peace

  118. May their soul rest in peace

  119. People hearts can be very cruel and wicked.making their parents childless again. There is GOD ooo

  120. May dia soul rest in peace

  121. May God grant their soul’s enter rest & make who ever that’s responsible for this pay for his or her sins. The heart of men is despirately wicked

  122. So the deadly man or woman DAT killed this innocent children did not eat their body as well… Don’t u worry coz u will soon meet ur end time. Devilish pig

  123. May their souls rest in peace

  124. only jesus can save us

  125. Eya Rip

  126. The person Who did this wickedness, with never live long if he or she going to unpunished by God, may soul rest in peace

  127. Hmm may God punished the poisner,and may their souls R.I.P.P amen

  128. evil heart. wot is that persons benefit now

  129. What a satanic world

  130. RIP

  131. God , it is sad new ooo!! What can kind of poison ? Lord Jesus have mercy
    Amen . Rip

  132. Tina Onyia says:

    May their soul rest in perfect peace. Amen

  133. Dis world is wicked

  134. Oooooooh my God

  135. This is indeed a sad story. Whoever did this will never go scot free. The person will surely reap what he has sown. Almighty Father please continue to protect your children from the hands of the evil one in Jesus name amen. Parents please, we should advise our children to be very careful of what they eat.

  136. Anambra again? God have mercy.R I p

  137. God hv mercy…

  138. Sheila Sober says:

    The heart of a man is so wicked..

  139. Jesus, sometimes I get so scared , how some people can be so heartless and wicked , how on earth can someone think of committing such atrocities, Dear Lord have mercy on us

  140. Kate Ify says:

    Who so ever that did this wicked act will never go unpunished, the soul of this children will continue to tormented that person until he/she confess and be stone to death, RIP innocent children

  141. Tina Abraham says:

    God hv mercy

  142. What a wicked world, may God accept their souls in his bosom

  143. Nawao

  144. May dear soul rest in perfect peace amen

  145. Oh God who on earth have the mind to do this kind of evil this is too much, innocent children that has done nothing to anyone. Who ever did this will never have peace.

  146. Whoever did this… Will die miserably and his or her soul will know no peace, Rip children

  147. Jesus!by who? So painful

  148. Gozie Ezeani says:

    Wicked world

  149. Tell am ooo

  150. May there soul rest in perfect peace

  151. Abraham Ezeh says:

    some time it may look as if why d world were created. The heart of a man is desperate wicked. May their gentle soul rest in peace.

  152. Who so ever has done this or even knows about it that one will rotten before his/her death ,heaven will fight against you earth will fight against you ,you will live and see your children die a very painful death ,food will fight against will not die until you experience all these, you will pray for death you wount JESUS name ,amen.

  153. Kilode??My God..People are wicked in Nigéria..Make d person no die God will catch u bad people..RIP

  154. Ify Maurino says:

    May their souls rest in peace amen.

  155. It shall never be well with the wicked

  156. May there souls rest in peace

  157. Chai what a wicked art you will never live to see good in your life.Rest in peace my children

  158. God will never forgive the evil person that did this to this innocent children, may there souls rest in peace. God must surely intervene on there behave.

  159. So sad, Rip

  160. RIP wonderful kids. mama and papa take heart God is in control….But the Poisoner’s you will never have rest.

  161. Eze Ifeoma says:

    Rip… Our good Lord must surely fight 4 u guys

  162. Anambra?!!!!! Not again. May their souls rest in peace. Who could’ve done this evil to them, may they never go unpunished

  163. May their soul rest in d bosom of God

  164. Awwwwww may their souls rest in perfect peace

  165. Nancy Gajir says:

    Who ever poinsing this kids I curse u from today you shall never no peace in ur life and nothing ‘ll work in ur hands and you ‘ll die a painful death in Jesus Name

  166. This is so so bad to hear, that a man can put is farlo to death, d who comt that badness will nev go free, God will Juges d one who comt that badness.

  167. Oh God with a great lost, how can the parents be console 6 children at a go, God we cannot question You. Do Ur wonders to this family. For the poisoner am sorry for cos u don’t know what tomorrow holds for u n u will die a shameful death. May God grant these children eternal rest. Amen

  168. to gain what?

  169. My god

  170. Emenanjo Ify says:

    Hmmmm, what a wicked world. May their souls rip

  171. God will judge them…RIP Meloved

  172. Faith Esene says:


  173. Faith Esene says:

    Jesus I can bear this

  174. Rose Odey says:

    Wicked world, who so ever have done that the reward is right before you, gonna of those days that reward was in heaven, sorry is your name you victim

  175. Rip

  176. Hmmmm wt a wicked wld

  177. R. I.P

  178. Rip kids

  179. See why the bible says that the heart of man is desperately wicked, who can know it! Touch the child of this evil person now and he/she will go to any Length but see what they did to the entire pains and Labour of a fellow human being of 17years. My good lord, how were you able to watch this happen!

  180. Rashi Idris says:

    Poison six kids from the same parents, Jesus have mercy. The heart of men is wicked more than can be imagine.

  181. What a wicked world

  182. The person that did this will never go unpunish.poor Children,what a wicked world

  183. Ade Akinyemi

  184. Heart of men are evil

  185. Joy Amos says:

    Rip to them…… but d person dat dis will never know peace,

  186. Tragedy what i a wicked world.

  187. Wonders shall never end

  188. R .i.p

  189. Jesus Christ of Nazareth!
    Is this the kind of news that suppose to be coming out of our state? Other states are making good headlines and some hoodlums are here doing this to their fellow human beings. No problem, ALL I KNOW IS THAT YOU CAN’T CONCEAL ANYTHING FROM GOD. May their souls rest in perfect peace. #sobs

  190. Lilian Isaac says:

    What a tragic moment. May there soul rest in peace. So sad

  191. May d rest in perfect peace… Amen

  192. Lucy Mafuru says:

    Dis life is full of wickedness God help nd protect his children from the wicked ones.

  193. Uche Vivian says: in peace

  194. GOD will fight for dis little childrent in JESUS name.

  195. Judith Ray says:

    Hmmmmm God have mercy on us human beings.may their souls rest in peace

  196. R.I.P pure and precious souls.

  197. Wickedness in high places na wah.

  198. hmmmmm wat a wicked world

  199. What a mysery

  200. May their souls rest in perfect peace !!! The God of vengeance is still watching the culprit!!!

  201. What a wicked world may there souls RIP

  202. People re wicked

  203. Wat a wicked world,, may their souls rest in peace…. And may the killers be punished by God…. Rip

  204. Who did dis ohhhhhhh my God why why

  205. Goaly Sam says:

    Who open him eyes do dis kind of tinn so God u dey dar person kill dis young children fr ur own eyes Abi

  206. What a wicked world. LORD may their killer never go Scott free

  207. Victory edikan udoh mind ur coment anambra is not a devlish state, this thin can hapen any were, anambra is light of all nation, but the particular person that did this is complete satan in human form and he or she must reap what he or she sow, it shal be ill for the wicked.

  208. MAY THEIR SOULS REST IN PERFECT PEACE. May the good God grant onto dem eternal life,may the rest in the blossom of the lord.may the good God grant onto their families the fortitude and heart to bear their lost.may he grant onto dem eternal life. Amen.

  209. I don’t know how the mother of this innocent children we be feeling but God alone knows it all who so ever that has brought pain tears sorrow to this family God in heaven pls don’t be silent fight for this innocent children fight oh lord fight eye is full of tears as a mother i don’t know what to do or say let God have mercy on us

  210. Chai …. Na wa ooooo

  211. Chai …. Na wa ooooo

  212. So touching, may there souls rest in peace and may the Lord expose there killers

  213. The wicked ones shall go unpunished… Says d Lord…

  214. Little children gone untimely oh oh oh Amighty God please grant them eternal rest IJN Amen

  215. Whosoever did this will see the wrath

  216. May God fight for this little kids.the killer left the parent with nothing but God will expose u.

  217. Jesus. .. lord please comfort their parents, may their souls RIP. God hv mercy

  218. OmG, wickness in high places God pls avenge 4 dia death who so ever dat might hv done dis will never go scott free.

  219. I no Lk oooooo. R i p

  220. Deeon Samuel says:

    Na wa

  221. The doer will never go unpunished

  222. Jesus Christ only God will save dis world.

  223. This is man’s inhumanity to man…

  224. Ezinne Ekeh says:

    Dis is indeed a wicked world ahhhh may God help us ooo

  225. Annie Som says:

    I can’t hold my tears….. Is well God dey

  226. chai what led to this? some people are too way wicked than devil.

  227. The wicked must not go unpunished. Oh God Arise!!!
    May their souls dwell in eternity.

  228. igbo kwenu!! this people are synonymous to evil.

  229. I feel cry am sad too

  230. Such a evil doing kind of madness
    May their soul rest in peace
    God punish you in every single minutes of your life
    Us a parents I feel the pain
    God help their family &relatives

  231. May the souls of this little kids who know nothing on earth yet rest in your bossom LORD……….AMEN

  232. God have mercy

  233. Alli Kuburat says:

    Father please grant this children rest, give their parent the heart to bear the lost comfort them o lord but for those that did this father I pray that u torment them with every thing in life in Jesus name Amen

  234. RIP it is well with your soul’s

  235. Very sorry oh

  236. I hope and pray that the person responsible for their deaths know no peace again until he/she becomes overcome with the urge to confess to what he/she has done in Jesus’ name Amen!

  237. IH God.whoever did that .may God save you

  238. What!!

  239. May their rest rest in perfect peace.

  240. father,may their gentle souls rest in peace and for the poisoners, u will be haunted, tormented and later suffer the consequences of ur action

  241. God take over

  242. Chai 6kids God kill the kids of poisoners so he or she can feel the agony of loosing children

  243. Peace Andrew says:

    Na wa o, umu uwa, wicked world, may God continue to protect us

  244. there spirit must locate nd torment d wicked soul behind dis act

  245. Chai!!!!! May they parents find solace in God.God of vergences will locate the person and God when you do, don’t remember mercy.

  246. David Bounce says:

    Too bad

  247. People are wicked oooh

  248. Soita D Don says:


  249. this word is wicked

  250. May their souls never rest until the one who made them sleep this way joins them on this bed. Wickedness will never cease to end. A poor mother of six has now turned into a childless woman.. That person must die o. May God console the mother.

  251. May their souls rest in peace Amen

  252. May deir soul RIP

  253. Hummmm, wicked world may soul rest in peace through Christ Jesus. Amen