Heartbreaking photos shows six children from the same parents who were poisoned to death by an unknown person in Ekwulumili area of Anambra state.

The children were said to have met a pot of food in their house, not knowing it was poisoned, ate it and all died instantly. This was some time in July and according to the obituary above, they will be buried on Saturday, November 5th in their hometown.


  1. The devil is just out there to kill,steal and to destroy..
    But indeed he will never see our families or loved ones
    bcos theres a God in heaven,the most powerful who is watchinq over me and you…
    I pray their souls rest in peace
    but God wont rest until he purnish those who did this evil act!

  2. Ibos clamouring for biafra , yet they keep killing themselves out of hate and envy..
    it would be a dangerous thing if that biafra ever sees the light of day because you all will just kill you selves for leadership..
    these kinds of killing carries much more sentiments than that committed by boko haram.

  3. Some times I get so scared of how human minds can be so deep and wicked, How on earth can someone sleep or have rest of mind after committing such atrocity. Oh my God have mercy.

  4. God, Jesus what a wicked word? Pls the person that poisoned them should remain on earth without dieying till thee kingdom come. May their souls rest in peace with the lord.

  5. Their souls will surely rest in peace… But for the Poisoner’s, I feel so sorry for you. You gain nothing but regrets cuz this is going to hunt you for the rest of your live.

  6. Thank God man no be God, because if a human can have a heart to kill a whole family that means if that person is God, he or she would have killed the whole village, its a deliberate attempt to wipe out the family but I guess there parents went out, but you see that man or woman with his or her will die Thesame way because he who kills with gun will die by gun .

    • Thank God man no be God, because if a human can have a heart to kill a whole family that means if that person is God, he or she would have killed the whole village, its a deliberate attempt to wipe out the family but I guess there parents went out, but you see that man or woman with his or her family will die The same way because, he who kills with gun will die by gun ? .

  7. Chaii,God was the heart of men made of?why?why?remember that u cannot remain on earth forever.one day u wil die and face yor judgement.it shall never b well wit evil ones so said the Bible

  8. May their souls rest in peace. But God will arise and punish the evil doers from the first generation of his or her to the fourteen generations none of them will go without reap from this sins in Jesus name.

  9. God will surely punish the poisoner, the spirit of those children will hurt that person anywhere he/ she will be. It has been recorded in the Holy scripture no peace for the wicked. They will never find peace in Jesus name. Amen

  10. Heartbreaking. What will be the fate of their parents? What a wicked world! It will never be well with whoever has done this. You can’t create life and you find pleasure in destroying lives. God will never forgive who did this no matter the amount of your repentance. RIP children

  11. Let the person that poison them, carry their meat and eat, cause meat is ready, since u want to wipe the entire family off from d surface of the earth. Let their family members gave him/her their meat, one after d other but if he /she refuses, let them start cutting his own nd use it for pepper soup. HEARTLESS world.
    To give birth to one is like hell bf u talk of six. God punish who ever hand that is in their killing

  12. This is indeed a sad story. Whoever did this will never go scot free. The person will surely reap what he has sown. Almighty Father please continue to protect your children from the hands of the evil one in Jesus name amen. Parents please, we should advise our children to be very careful of what they eat.

  13. Who so ever that did this wicked act will never go unpunished, the soul of this children will continue to tormented that person until he/she confess and be stone to death, RIP innocent children

  14. Who so ever has done this or even knows about it that one will rotten before his/her death ,heaven will fight against you earth will fight against you ,you will live and see your children die a very painful death ,food will fight against you.you will not die until you experience all these, you will pray for death you wount see.in JESUS name ,amen.

  15. Who ever poinsing this kids I curse u from today you shall never no peace in ur life and nothing ‘ll work in ur hands and you ‘ll die a painful death in Jesus Name

  16. Oh God with a great lost, how can the parents be console 6 children at a go, God we cannot question You. Do Ur wonders to this family. For the poisoner am sorry for cos u don’t know what tomorrow holds for u n u will die a shameful death. May God grant these children eternal rest. Amen

  17. See why the bible says that the heart of man is desperately wicked, who can know it! Touch the child of this evil person now and he/she will go to any Length but see what they did to the entire pains and Labour of a fellow human being of 17years. My good lord, how were you able to watch this happen!

  18. Jesus Christ of Nazareth!
    Is this the kind of news that suppose to be coming out of our state? Other states are making good headlines and some hoodlums are here doing this to their fellow human beings. No problem, ALL I KNOW IS THAT YOU CAN’T CONCEAL ANYTHING FROM GOD. May their souls rest in perfect peace. #sobs

  19. Victory edikan udoh mind ur coment anambra is not a devlish state, this thin can hapen any were, anambra is light of all nation, but the particular person that did this is complete satan in human form and he or she must reap what he or she sow, it shal be ill for the wicked.

  20. MAY THEIR SOULS REST IN PERFECT PEACE. May the good God grant onto dem eternal life,may the rest in the blossom of the lord.may the good God grant onto their families the fortitude and heart to bear their lost.may he grant onto dem eternal life. Amen.

  21. I don’t know how the mother of this innocent children we be feeling but God alone knows it all who so ever that has brought pain tears sorrow to this family God in heaven pls don’t be silent fight for this innocent children fight oh lord fight eye is full of tears as a mother i don’t know what to do or say let God have mercy on us