A young lady who works as a housemaid has told a shocking story about her intimate involvement with her madam’s husband.

She shared her story on yoanswers, a popular relationship site, where she explained that she is now pregnant with the man’s baby.

Obviously, this is causing serious headache for her and she now seeks urgent solutions to her dilemma.

Below is how she told the story:

I am a 20-year-old South African woman. I went in for matric some time ago but did not pass even one subject.

So, instead of just staying at home I decided to come to Joburg and work as a maid.

The woman I work for is a true Christian because when I hear stories from other maids and how they are treated, I am very shocked.

The couple I work for is quite a young one they only have one baby boy aged two, they are both in their late twenties.

The husband made advances one weekend when the wife was out on a workshop. I wanted to report this to his wife but he told me that he loved me more than his wife and would want to marry me as a second wife. He has so far bought me a beautiful top of the range cellphone which was better than what his wife had.

This has been going on for a year now. When his wife is away I also call him by his first name.

My mother has no problem with this and is very supportive. He is a very generous man he gives me money, now I can afford to send provisions to my family back home. The reason why I have written to you is I am now two months pregnant and all of a sudden he doesn’t look as keen as he used to.

He used to come back home during odd hours pretending to have forgotten something as a way for us to get na_ughty whilst his wife was away.

I suggested that he gets me alternative accommodation before I bulge up, now he says I should go back to the village and we plan from there. Do you think if I go home he will come and marry me?

Do you think his wife will embrace me as an equal?

Please help, I do not know what to do.


  1. Agent of the devil
    out to destroy people’s home
    after collectin his big casava now youre asking if you should use it for fufu(akpu) or abacha…
    Whatever you do to ur madam surely kamar will catch u up

    And this is also a lesson for women that loves this house girl,house boy thing…be hardworkinq ladiess to avoid stories that touch

  2. Stop criticising her please even though what she did was bad. All this lady needs is an advice. You never can tell what she’d been passing through in the hands of the husband just to keep her job, it’s still not an excuse though!
    My advice is for her to keep the baby and return back to her parents. Explain things to them and make them understand the situation. She shouldn’t Marry the man or even think of aborting.

    This is a lesson to those women out there who think their works should always come first, there by leaving their house chores in the hands of maids. This will definitely lead to broken marriages in most cases.
    If you think the risk is what taking, we’ll always be here by the time you come wailing about your marriage!

    • i don’t think you should condemn the women who work just because their husband cannot keep it in their pants and they married worthless men. This is victim blaming and unfair assessment . honourable God fearing men will not do such thing and will not be tempted by whoever is staying and/or working at the home , no matter the situation. It was the husband and the maid who was wrong. Personally i would rather castrate him instead rather than be blamed because i have to works. what rubbish!!!!

    • I am not condemning the women who work. I am condemning the women who take their works as top of the priority in marital affairs. Nobody is saying you shouldn’t work, but it shouldn’t be a yardstick for you to abandon all your chores in the hands of maids. As a married and responsible woman, if you aren’t able to take care of your husband, house chores and official work together, then you have to make amends or abandon the latter. Yes!

      The last time I checked, the husband is still and will still be the head of the family!

    • stop living in stone age. this is the 21st century. man and woman should share all kinds of work, be it parenting or housework and take care of each other. My husband will never be my master. i will not let go of my work just because my husband is living in stone age and needs someone to feed and clean his clothes and his house. Head of the family? thats why marriages don’t work. Husband and wife SHARE EQUAL DUTIES in all matters. is a man more treasures in the eyes of God?! No, we are all equal and so it should be. Why should women be expected to do all those work and men enjoy?! why cant men sacrifice and stay at home while women work? what if the woman are earning more than the man, what then?! In this particular case it was the husband who should be condemn. if he is lusty and need to stick in to any available shell then he should go to hell.

  3. Ur name na sorry because when madam get to know say u get belle for her husband the thunder she will send to you will come in three flavor vanilla, stroberry and chocolate

  4. When he was giving u money&cellphone who did u tell?When he told u he loves u more than his wife who did u tell?When he was coming home every afternoon to play naughty with u who did u tell?MAID,u are a bad gurl,its ur cross,carry it alone.

  5. Home wrecker heavens thunder go fire u…ur madam never treated u bad but look at how u pay her back…stupid question u are asking whether ur madam will see u as her equal if the man marry u….oooh yes she will accept u as her equal foolish girl. Am happy the man is turning his back on u. U think he was gonna leave his wife for u. Men will always run back to their wives ND u will become the stupid one…if I were the woman after u deliver I will take the child from u ND take care of him so nothing brings u ND the man together again. Ur mother who support u is a bad example of a mother. Take Christ into ur life.

  6. What advice she don chop the cupcake na she want make we tell am say make she go remove the Belle ni? Rubbish before u forget say na ur madam husband? Yeye husband snatcher even the man na fool my advice for her is among the four fingers I have I raise my long finger up right for her meaning (f**k her) mtchewww

  7. The man didn’t drug or rape you,you were not under the influence of alcohol. Did he remove your brain at any point in time? why so close to your destination before asking if you are on the right way.there is way that seems right unto a man…..it is what you sow that you will reap.

  8. when madam starts treating them bad know they will say madam is wicked, now madam is nice and she is Pregnant for Oga and still want to take him away from madam, these girls get mind oh.

  9. Foolish gal!!! You call urself a gal nd u are nt smart. Your mate are boss in deir husband hux * u want to b a 2nd wife * aunty i pirry you . Remember dis man 1st wife is already d boss of d hux _____ dat name #2nd_wife & #housemaid will always be der……….. your ur coconut head or maybe u like suffer

  10. Thanks for yr contribution, if I may ask the madam did she performed her duty at home, what’s are duty inside the other room, pls note that not all men enjoyed excuse when time to play jobo, l hope the women is not the type that like journey, lf such happened pls don’t blamed the man or the P.A

  11. It is lugubrious that such a promiscous tramp can go far in such a disdainful and contemptous promiscuity to bite the hand that feed her my cogent advice to her is that,may God ensured her safe delivery and afterward she should wait for the richoched Boomerang.

  12. Let’s first ask what the madam was doing that a lowly housemaid could satisfy her husband better than her! Please before you start just ask inside. What could have led to this and you will see that you will come up with many suggestions!

  13. my dear if you are dating someones husband NEVER think he loves you more than the wife less of getting pregnant. if he gives you the newest building in the world expensive trips my dear its cos of how good you are in bed cos all those items he is giving you is not up to bride price if he even paid one cedi for it cos that is the symbols of respect and love

  14. Babe u need insult 1st den advice….All d men in d world, D market u go 2 buy food (nd dem rest) na only ur madam man u see carry bele, home wrecker, yeye. Don’t do abortion sha. Wen u wer chopping cassava u didn’t know

  15. If u snatch ur madam husband so shall anoda woman snatch him too from him. U made a mistake in d first place by allowing him to slip wit u. Anyway, I will advice u to remove it or u ask God for forgiveness coz u have sin against God, urself and human being

  16. Hello my dear friend why are you seeking for an adivse where you can not fined it the only thing you can do is to niel dawn to talk your God he is only one who will place how every thing will be. Please remember you are created by some one!!

  17. U where so wrong to allow him sleep with u. Course in every stage in life there is always trails. Na dat u are pregnant. Just ask urself this question. Na dat u re pregnant wat na happens to your madam.?

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