Benjamin Mendy

A jury on Wednesday, June 28, heard that Manchester City footballer Benjamin Mendy raped a woman and then bragged about sleeping with 10,000 women.

BBC reports that the French international is accused of raping the woman, aged 24 at the time, at his £4m mansion in Mottram St Andrew, Cheshire in October 2020.

Mendy, who is facing a retrial at Chester Crown Court, was also accused of attempting to rape another woman who was 29 at the time after she slept with his friend.

Benjamin Mendy

This comes after he was acquitted of a series of sexual assaults on women in January. He was found not guilty of six rapes and one sexual assault against four women, but the jury was unable to reach a decision on the two remaining allegations against him.

The prosecution counsel, Benjamin Aina KC, who outlined the case before the court, said Mendy raped one of the women during a party at his house in October 2020.

He was alleged to have seized her phone at the house’s swimming pool area and proceeded upstairs to his bedroom, while the woman followed him, demanding her phone back.

Benjamin Mendy

The bedroom doors reportedly locked behind her and when she told Mendy she wanted to leave, he said he wanted to see her naked first. The woman, responding, told Mendy she didn’t want to sleep with him and only wanted her phone back.

Mendy replied that he would return it if she took her clothes off, saying: “I just wanna have a look at you. I promise you I wont touch you. I just wanna see what you look like. I wanna see your body. I wanna see your t***. Your t*** are so big.”

Mendy is claimed to have thrown her on the bed and raped her after she removed her clothes but left her underwear on.

When she resisted him, he told her she was “too shy,” adding that “It’s fine.” I’ve had sex with 10,000 different ladies.’

She left his house after the rape and told her friends and family what had happened to him.

Mendy, on the other hand, told cops that he had ‘consensual’ sexual activity with the woman, including oral sex, but that he stopped when he realized she didn’t want to do anything else.

The trial, which is expected to last up to three weeks, continues.

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