Harrysong fires

The online feud between music executives, Soso Soberokon and Harrysong, has taken a new turn as the latter has resorted to body-shaming the former.

The drama started after Harrysong in an interview with Frankly Speaking Podcast hosts claimed that ‘Soso’ sent people to kill him in Port Harcourt, adding that he (Soso) is not his friend as many believe.

Harrysong fires

Though he didn’t mention a specific last name, many assumed that he was referring to music executive and talent manager, Soso Soberoken.

The circumstances surrounding the way Harrysong left his former label (5 star music) also fueled the rumors that Soso really tried to kill him.

Harrysong fires

Soso did not take the claim lightly and slammed Harrysong with a suit demanding he retracts the statement and pay N500M or compensation. He also warned that if Harrysong fails to do so within seven days, he will be sued to court.

Reacting to the lawsuit, Harrysong, in a post shared on his Instastory, fired back at Soso for threatening to drag him to court and body-shamed him.

He wrote,

“You dey sue me for social media

Dem ask you question?

Abi you sef go for interview?

With your small prick and fat blockus

Empty konkom

You go chi chun tin”

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