Man raises

A Nigerian man, identified simpy as Dessy, has narrated his shocking experience with a transwoman who pretended to be a cis woman.

In a video shared on his TikTok page, Dessy recounted how he met the woman on Instagram and was attracted to her because she looked beautiful and financially stable.

He said after eighteen months of chatting on social media, the woman decided to pay him a visit in his city.

Man raises

When she arrived, he was impressed by her curvaceous figure and his likeness for her increased. They then went to hangout in a bar where they were the cynosure of all eyes because of her beauty.

He said they decided to take the fun to a penthouse he rented for them but he received the biggest shock of his life when he discovered that the “woman” had a masculine sex organ. According to him, it was at that point she confessed to being a transwoman.

Dessy said though he’s not against transgenderism, such people should come clean about their sexual orientation instead of deceiving men.

Watch him speak below,

In other news, a Nigerian woman identified as Chidera Ochuagu has taken to Twitter to accuse men who come from abroad to pick up women to marry of being misogynistic, abusive creeps.

Chidera claimed they knew better than to carry out their abusive pattern with women abroad so they brought it home instead.

According to her, men only came back home to marry women here because they wanted women who could accept their horrible behaviors without batting an eyelid.

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