Media Personality, Shade Ladipo

Media personality, Shade Ladipo, has asserted that some rich single ladies are happier than a married woman with children.

Media Personality, Shade Ladipo

She stated this in a post she shared on her Instagram story moments ago, where she tackled married women with ‘plenty children’.

Her words,

“You see that rich aunty with plenty money who is single??
Yes she is probably much more happier than all of you with plenty children and a husband.

See below,

This has stirred mixed reactions on social media as netizens pointed out that her opinion is flawed.

See reactiosn below,

@wallpaperplace wrote, “Some have it all and are truly happy.. married or single you are responsible for your own happiness 🍻🍻🍻”

@just._oge wrote, “Who said married people are not happy?
You guys really need to be careful on this app. Marriage is beautiful, as long as it’s with the right person.
Who also told you that there aren’t single “happy” people that want to get married?”

@kgcakesng wrote, “And who told you that married women ain’t happy? Y’all just like creating scenarios in your head”

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