Dancer, Janemena

Popular Instagram dancer, Janemena, has said many people are not taking advantage of skills that could make them a millionaire because they are bothered about people’s opinion.

 Dancer, Janemena

Taking to her Instagram page, the professional twerker who has made a name for herself with twerking, urged people to stop bothering about what people would say about them and take action.

According to her, if they sleep on their skills and talents, and eventually go broke, it’s the same people that would mocked them.

Sharing a picture of herself, Janemena wrote,

“Some of you are sitting on skills and talents that can make you a millionaire just because of “what will people say” lmfaoooo🤣
You Berra take charge of your life hunnay cos nobody will feed you and they will all laugh when you resort to begging”

See her post below,

In other news, Janemena recently shared with her fans and followers tips on how to lead a happy life.

The internet celebrity while sharing the tips also addressed how she handles bad energy, trolls and critics.

According to her, when people sense bad energy around them they should learn to ignore and walk away because it’s not worth their energy.

Sharing her personal experience she noted that she’s a quiet person who doesn’t like drama, so she cautiously detach herself from anyone who’s being unnecessarily dramatic around her.

She noted that that’s probably the reason she doesn’t have friends.

“All my life I’ve just been someone who stay away from problems, trouble. I dont like people who are dramatic around me, probably that’s why I don’t have friends, because I’m a very quiet and my husband is very quiet. We are just beautiful couples living life and enjoying it. When you receive this negative energy around you, all you need to do is spit, pee on it and bury it”, she said.

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