s Angela Okorie cries

Nollywood actress and singer, Angela Okorie has reacted to a viral clip showing thousands of Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC) discarded in Anambra state.

With only a few days until the 2023 general election, a hunter allegedly found many PVCs deep in the forest while on a hunting expedition.

This raised eyebrows in the community, and locals conducted an investigation and discovered that the PVCs belonged to active voters who had recently registered.

Angela Okorie cries

Efforts are being made to sort the cards and deliver them to their respective polling units so that their owners can pick them up before the election.

Reacting to the incident, Angela Okorie lamented bitterly over the wickedness of the person who disposed the PVCs, instead of distributing them to their owners.

She shared the video on her Instagram page, and wrote,

“You see this our country Nigeria 🇳🇬 Eee I don tire 🥹😡
How can this be happening to us, who is doing this
How can some1 be this wicked 💔💔💔 just few days to
Election some people can’t get hold of their Pvc
This is pure wickedness 😢😢😢😡😡😡
Nigerians Open your eyes O
For those of you having yours with you don’t forget
We are in this together, we have suffered too much as a country, we have come too far to fail now!!!!!
Let’s make Nigeria Great again please am begging 🙏
Do this for me and you ,for the future of our children
Don’t sell your Vote , Do not collect bribe ooo
Nothing is working in this country and is so so sad
If we Vote same people causing us pain
We are doomed 😭😭😭😭”.

Watch below,

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