A lady, identified as Thendo Sharon, has taken to Twitter to advise ladies to speak up for their suitors against outrageous bride price.

Lady advises

According to her, the intention of bride price is not to enrich the parents and uncles of the intending bride, so ladies should speak up if their family is requesting for an humongous bride price.

She also warned that if women do not speak up in favor of their men when they are given an outrageous bride price, they might enter a marriage full of loans and debt.

She further iterated that debts causes problems and unhappiness in marriage, hence ladies should nip the problem in the bud by speaking up in their partner’s defense.

In her words,

”Ladies, bride price was never meant to enrich your parents and your uncles who don’t even know your birthday.

If you don’t speak up for your man, you will enter a marriage full of loans and debt caused by your own family. Fight for your marriage!

”Debts cause divorce and a very unhealthy home with a unhappy marriage”

See her tweet below,

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