Nigerian-born Lebanese life coach, Laila st Matthew Daniels has called out Pastor Funke Felix-Adejumo over her statement, in which she labelled women who fails to add value to their husband’s life after marriage as witches.

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A video of the clergywomen addressing a group of women during a sermon made rounds on Monday, November 2.

In the video, she advised women to make their own money and not be a liability to their husbands. She added that women should contribute towards paying bills, regardless of how little the amount is, in a bid to support their homes.

life coach calls

“If your husband’s life does not appreciate after marriage, you’re a witch.” she said

The above statement sparked negative reactions from social media users.

Reacting to her comment, Ms Daniels stated that Adejumo’s message is misleading and that she needs to stop.

In her words,

“This woman – I hear preaches well in the area of parenting but when she crosses to other areas – it’s a give and take.

How can she say this? And I refuse to accept some people’s comments that the whole message should be listen to. The man who only picks this up will react if for any reason HE is having issues with his business etc.

What about if he is a lazy one and makes her life uncomfortable – that means he is a WIZARD?

Taking the scripture – ‘he who finds a wife….and receives blessings from the Lord”. The blessing is dependent on how he uses it ….. also how is he treating her?

She should STOP misleading the congregation!”

Watch the controversial video below,


  1. Funke is completely right with her comment. Understand she didn’t mean witch in your interpretation. It is a derivation of the way the yoruba talk or omo eko language style. She’s empowering our women and this is long past due. African women need to ditch the old ideas. The ideal way is both parties putting food on the table and still be a wife. Men die for women that are powerful and still remain humble wives. My mother was like that and my father showered her with love until the last day.

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