George Izunwa, a Nigerian preacher, has counseled women to avoid bringing a partner who hasn’t proposed to them to their parents.

The clergyman, who gave this advice to single ladies during a sermon in his church also advised them against introducing boyfriends to siblings and friends.

According to him, introducing a man who has not yet proposed marriage to family or friends may block other people who are interested in them from approaching them.

In his words,

“Stop taking somebody who has not proposed to you to your parents house. Stop introducing somebody who has not proposed to you to your sisters and brothers. Don’t assume relationship. Keep the person at arms length. Stop introducing the person to many of your friends. If somebody is dating you, let the person date you. If they ask, you say I am just going out with him. He is a date. Don’t make it serious.

One of the reasons you shouldn’t make it serious is because maybe somebody is ‘eyeing’ you. The person may think you are occupied when you are not occupied. That you are dating somebody doesn’t mean you can’t take a date from another person. If he hasn’t proposed, you can move”.

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