Students cause

Pictures of students wearing “anti-cheating” hats while writing their college exams in the Philippines is currently trending on social media.

It was learnt that the students of Engineering from Albay, Bicol, were told to wear headgears that would prevent them from peeking at their classmate’s papers during their exams, and they all came up with creative ideas.

They used cardboards, egg boxes and other recycled materials to create what has been called ‘anti-cheating’ hats by social media users, and the results are hilarious.

Students cause

A professor of Mechanical Engineering at Bicol University College of Engineering, Mary Joy Mandane-Ortiz, said the initial request was for the students to make a simple design out of paper.

However, the engineers-in-training went the extra mile to create innovative headgears in “just five minutes” with whatever junk they found in the school. Some also donned hats, helmets or Halloween masks to fulfil the brief.

According to Prof Mandane-Ortiz, the idea was very effective as the students finished the exam on time and nobody was caught cheating this year.

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