Gifty Powers

Big Brother Naija star and businesswoman, Gifty Powers is of the opinion that submission is not a man’s right in marriage.

Taking to her Insta-story to share her opinion about submission in marriage, the reality TV star said it is a ‘gift’ a wife gives to her husband.

Gifty Powers

According to the mother-of-one, men should not demand submission from their wives because it is up to their wives to decide to submit or not.

“Submission is a gift a wife gives her husband not a right the husband enforces”, she wrote.

In December 2021, Gifty Powers jumped onto the matching pajamas photos with her man on boxing day but she added a twist to it as she covered his face to conceal his identity.

An IG user who saw the photos mentioned in her comment section that she covered his face because she isn’t proud of him.

Gifty saw the comment and replied;

I’m hiding him because of wizards like y’all and “i’m proud of him” should not make me act stupid just so y’all can be satisfied.

I protect the people i love. Who cares? Well, it seems you do.

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