In a comical turn of events, a sugar daddy has taken extraordinary measures to warn his side chick about an unexpected visit from his wife. The daring lady recently took to social media to share the unusual request her married lover made, leaving netizens in fits of laughter.

According to the lady who revealed her affair online, she found herself entangled in a romantic relationship with a married man. Unfortunately for her, the wife stumbled upon their secret rendezvous, prompting the sugar daddy to take swift action.

In a desperate attempt to prepare his side chick for a potentially explosive encounter, the sugar daddy resorted to the privacy of her DM on WhatsApp.

In a series of messages, he pleaded with her not to retaliate if his wife were to unleash her fury with a slap across the cheek.

While the request might seem bizarre, the sugar daddy’s concern for his side chick’s well-being is undeniable. Perhaps he believes that a slap on the cheek is the ultimate test of loyalty to their affair or maybe he anticipates a slap so spectacular that it could rival any Nollywood drama.

Online users found the whole situation hilarious and silly, with some suggesting that the sugar daddy should have invested in a more creative solution, like a disguise or a secret trapdoor to escape.

Whatever the case, when it comes to unexpected visits from angry spouses, it’s always best to prepare for the unexpected—and keep your cheeks ready for action!

Watch the video below:

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