Senator Shehu Sani teases

Nigerian senator, Shehu Sani, has taken to Twitter to celebrate Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, on his 62th birthday today, July 19.

In the post, Sani jokingly advised the politician to tell his tailors to remove pockets from his outfits since he supposedly doesn’t use them.

 Senator Shehu Sani teases

The cheeky birthday message is in reference to the perception that Peter Obi is very frugal and hardly gives out money.

Sani tweeted,

“Happy 62nd Birthday to my friend @PeterObi ;Your Excellency, pls tell your tailor to remove pockets from your attire since you don’t use it.”

See below,

A while back, Akpororo took a swipe at the presidential candidate of Labour Party, Peter Obi, at a recent event.
His statement comes amid Peter Obi’s ongoing legal battle over the outcome of the 2023 presidential election, in which President Bola Ahmed Tinubu was declared the winner.

During the event, Akpororo asked the audience if Peter Obi was still in court to which they responded in the affirmation. In response, the comedian said, “Obi will be in court for 8 years”.

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