Rapper, Jay-Z tells

American music executive, Jay-Z has reacted to a viral tweet asking netizens to choose between a dinner date with him and $500k.

Rapper, Jay-Z tells

The debate was the trending topic on Twitter recently and social media users took turns to share their thoughts on the dilemma.

While some argued that $500k is the wiser option, others said a dinner date with the billionaire mogul is better in the long run.

Nigerian social media commentator, JJ. Omojuwa, said he would pick $500k over dinner with Jay Z and go on to make over quadruple the amount.

He tweeted; “I will take $500k over dinner with Jay-Z 100 out of 100 times. Write a book about how I took $500k over dinner with Jay-Z, make another $500k. Send ROC a management proposal. Meet Jay-Z. Give him a blueprint for an autobiography, discuss at dinner, close a $10m deal. Wake up!”

However, another Twitter user with handle @profitwithant, stated that he would pick a dinner date with Jay Z.

He wrote, “I’ll explain since most can’t comprehend Dinner with Jay-Z is the better option over $500K because of the knowledge & expertise he has. He’ll give you the blueprint on being wealthy and successful. His knowledge will be worth more long term than the short term $500K.”

Rapper, Jay-Z tells

Well, the rapper-mogul has finally put the debate to rest as he advised netizens to pick $500k over a dinner date with him.

Jay Z, in a tweet shared via his company’s handle, TIDAL, wrote, “Take the $500K”.

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