A supposed mistress boldly sent a message to the wife of the man she’s supposedly sleeping with via a video she shared on social media recently.

In the video, she records herself side by side with a gentleman and points out that she’s with him in a hotel before saying his wife should “take charge at home while she takes charge in the hotel”.

She makes the video in her native dialect and says a proverb suggesting that if the wife can conform to the arrangement she made, then there won’t be any disagreement and peace would reign.

The video was shared online and netizens had a bunch of things to say, with many of them questioning her morals and why people would go to any extent just to make content to share on social media.

Watch the video as you scroll,

In other news, A distraught wife has taken to a social media page to seek marital advice as she revealed that her Mother-in-law’s love for her Son whom she is married to is having a toll on their marriage.

The wife shared shocking details about the Mother-in-law sleeping in between herself and her husband every night and when she complained to her Hubby, he explained that it has been the norm since he was an only Son.

She lamented that the situation has made it complex to have sex with her husband. Read what she wrote here

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