Papi 2

Welcome to another episode of Tale of a Virgin Cougar by inCognito Papi, I know I really came late with this Episode and you are probably vexing for me but really it is not my fault, lots of stuff has been going on lately and I just wish you people can understand and to top it all, my laptop crashed! I had to start writing all over again, now tell me you don’t feel my pain and let me just shoot you maybe that will make me feel better!

So, let’s get back to the story, you missed it yeah? abi you’ve lost interest already? Or probably you are new here and you have no idea of what the story is about, just check below for links to the previous episodes.

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“See the way this one is looking like KFC’s fried chicken, are you scared? Stand up jhur let us come and go and see who just came in” Lola said when she saw panic in my eyes as I heard sound of the gate and she didn’t want to sound sorry because of all she has been saying. I didn’t understand what she meant by “let us come and go and see just came in” let us go and check who just came in ke, if it is now Mrs. Williams nko? Hell no!! I will plaster myself here.

“Who do you think is at the gate?” I asked her, let me start asking questions now so that I can have answers to questions that might be coming at me later when we all find out who drove in. Question like “What are you doing in my house” might be thrown at me by whoever just drove in, I need to prepare my mind for such question so that I would know what to do to avoid finding myself in some embarrassing situations like hiding under the kitchens cabinet because Mr. Williams or Mrs. Williams got back, it has happened to me before and the silly thing was the girl’s Mom found me where I was hiding in the kitchen, I should tell y’all about what happened that day… but that is another story on its own, LOL.

“I don’t even know who could be at the gate, I know it can’t be Big Momma, because she is going to call me when she is done at the salon, maybe it is Elliot, let us just check at the balcony jhur” after I heard this I stood up and I told her to let us go, I didn’t give a hoot about who it could be anymore since I have heard that it can’t be Mrs. Williams, we stood up and we went to the balcony, what I saw from the balcony amused me.

I saw a Black X6, Phantom then a White X6, but I didn’t see Panda, LOL. Black X6 and a white X6?? What is a Black X6, Phantom and a white X6 looking like panda doing in Mr. and Mrs. Williams’s house? Abi they are reshooting Panda video here ni?

A man stepped out of the White X6 like he is Montana, all dressed in designer, his pocket was swollen like Danny, nobody needed to tell me I knew it was Mr. Williams. When you see a rich man you would know, even if he is wearing rag. Mr. Williams didn’t look like I thought, I imagined a big man with a big tummy.

He had escorts with strong faces looking like gorillas, these men were looking like killers, they had guns with them, Randy Orton is skinny when you compare him to these men, they were all dressed in black tuxedos, looking like Italian mafias, please tell me, what kind of man is Mr. Williams?

I know Mr. Williams is one of the big men in the country, he looks like someone that will know the real jagaban, like someone that use to chill in the parlour of the real jagaban, he even looks like someone I used to see on the TV, you might be thinking Mr. Williams is Olamide Baddo like that because I said he looks like someone that knows the real Jagaban and also chill in his sitting room, Mr. Williams is apparently one of Lagos Big Men!

I looked at Mr. Williams and I thought of my Dad, where was my Dad when Mr. Williams was making money, what was he doing? Maybe he was writing a story too, lol. I didn’t care if Mr. Williams money was dirty or not, if his money was legal or illegal, I know he is some big men with some big money and isn’t that all that matters in this country? Just get money, nobody cares if it’s legal or illegal, just have money.

He came into the house and he gave me a warm greeting, he even cracked some dry jokes with Lola, it wasn’t a funny joke but I laughed like I was watching one of the YabaLeftOnline’s Comedy Series, his joke wasn’t funny but I guess his money made me laugh, he sat with us at the sitting room to watch the TV for few minutes before he went to his room, I have to tell you about the TV because it is the biggest I have seen my entire life. That TV costs millions, not in Zimbabwe currency o.

“You see my Uncle is very funny, he just got back from London. He went Last Week” Lola told me. I decided to joke about it and I asked her if he went to buy boxers in London because he didn’t come back with any luggage or a big bag, he looked like someone that just stepped out. Well maybe going to London is just stepping out to him.

“Let me go and ask him what he will like to eat, you kuku said you are not eating I would have made you something to eat too” I had already said I was not going to eat earlier because the food I ate before I saw Lola was really much and my belle was still very much occupied but that was before we had sex, her pink canoe has taken all my food away, I was beginning to feel hungry small small, even the wine I drank has already evaporated from my belly, there was need for me to eat or drink something again.

Don’t come and go and be thinking I eat too much. If you had seen the kind of work I had done on Lola you would know there was need for me to eat again. See how her body is shining from the panel beating sef.  For me not to eat after doing mechanic work, kolewerk!! The sex was mind blowing fam. I forgot to tell you about the part that I held on tight to my head like I was singing this song by Mayorkun, ori iya mi eleko before I came and poured ogi everywhere on her body like she was omo Iya Ologi (ask your Yoruba friends the meaning).

“Go and ask your Daddy what he would like to eat then come back and tell Daddy what he wants, maybe I would eat what big Daddy likes to eat” I said, referring to myself as small daddy. Never forget the days of humble beginning when Mr. Williams was the big Daddy, I was the small daddy. No doubt I am small daddy, but one day, I would be big daddy too, can’t wait to start doing Sugar Daddy you know? My Sugar Daddy game is gonna be the sickest, Moremi girls, Unilag girls prepare for the coming me, by the way my readers that like carrying Sugar Daddy, DM me now if you want Mr. Williams to be your Sugar Daddy. Some of you won’t know that is a joke like that, the love of money will make you forget this is a TALE

Lola left to ask Big daddy what he likes to eat, I decided to pick up the remote and watch the song currently playing on SoundCity, and it was a song that I really love, my song for the moment, who can guess my song for the moment? You can’t even guess right so I will go ahead and say it.

“No Kissing Baby” by you already know who it is and if you don’t know, SMH! As I was watching this video on the big screen TV it was feeling like I was one of the dancers in the video, to stand and dance too began to hungry me but what can a Nigga do, how will I come and be dancing in Mr. & Mrs. Williams house, I should not even be at much ease because anything can happen at any time, I mean Mrs. Williams can come in at any time but I knew that Saturday was a good day for me and I knew it would end as a good day for me, I mean I just sipped an expensive wine, had sex on an expensive couch, what more can I ask for, I am even watching my favorite video on an expensive TV, see readers, let me just enjoy the moment, let me stand up and dance small.

“hehe look at this one feeling like somebody that can dance, you that ran away when we were dancing at your house, you are now dancing here, do you want us to continue from where you ran away, you want me to murder you home and away abi, I have killed you at your house before” Lola said to me when she caught me dancing.

Readers, you remember how wonderful Lola was when we both danced at the party that went down at my house yeah? Not like she murdered me, you remember it was Mrs. Williams – her aunty that called me that made me quit the dance floor, but how do I tell her she didn’t murder me, should we just continue to dance here again, should I challenge her? NO, let me just overlook it, it’s nothing. A Lion doesn’t necessarily needs to roar before you know it is a Lion, even if a Cat roars we still won’t run, but if you see your Grandma’s cat roaring, better run, I don’t have to say much, just… RUN.

“So for your mind now, you murdered me the last time we danced together abi? I won’t say anything. If not for what happened you think I would not kill you finish that day abi?” I said to her, after hearing her brag.

She just dabbed all of a sudden and I was wondering why, “Baba O, I just dabbed for you, mouth is all you know how to make. Will you follow me to the kitchen? I want to make poundo yam for Big Daddy, he said he would love to eat poundo yam, shey you will eat too.”

Should I eat poundo yam or not? Let me just eat it, let me eat what Big Daddy, Mr. Williams want to eat, the key to being like someone is eating what they eat, if you wanna be a king then eat like a king, that’s all, it is that simple really.

Is following Lola to the kitchen going to be a good idea?  Yes, of course it is gonna be, maybe we could make some pounding sex in the kitchen while making poundo yam for big daddy, ever had sex in the kitchen? Tell me how good was it?

“Wait first, let me finish watching this video then I will follow you to the kitchen”

I can’t just leave my song playing like that I have to finish watching it, there is dance the former rat-killer seller, Patoranking danced that I always look forward to  seeing, the dance is close to the end of the video. Patoranking is a good dancer by the way, but I dance better, no lies. LOL.

Now we are in the kitchen, she said to me “let me warn you first before I start cooking, once I start cooking No kissing baby, no touching baby, no nothing, don’t disturb me let me just cook in peace, don’t let me come and cook rubbish for Big Daddy because I know you are oniranu somebody”

How will she say no kissing, no touching in the kitchen, I guess she is yet to uncover the sweetness in love making in the kitchen but I have to convince her you know, I moved towards the kitchens door and turned on the lock, she knew I was about to Start Something like that Akon and Michael Jackson’s song.

She already said no kissing and no touching in the kitchen “I told you no kissing baby” she said to me again, I started talking to her and grilling her, convincing her to do what I wanted, I was flowing like I was Sarkodie.

“shu! (shuperu) what happen gan, your iranu is too much, why are you never tired, you want to do again abi? Sheybi we just finished one now you want another one, your wahala is much sef, sha come here” she said and then smiled feebly after saying sha come here, I knew she wanted it too.

I carried her and the heavy loads she was carrying and put her on the kitchens cabinet, what do I mean by heavy loads she was carrying, is she carrying Ghana must go, I know someone construing this is confused, well let me come clear, I was referring to her butts and boobies.

I put her on the kitchens cabinet and I threw shots of kisses to her, I guess the kisses sent some vital signals to where it was needed as she held closer to me, she was supposed to push me back but she held on to me tighter, there is a spirit that comes with making love in the kitchen, no matter how wild you go in the kitchen, no matter how rough you ride, how hard you go it still doesn’t feel like Fucking it always feels soft, it is always making love in the kitchen not fucking in the kitchen, you can’t fuck in the kitchen, you can only make love in the kitchen, God bless the first couple to have sex in the kitchen, you can’t know how deep you are in love till you make love in the kitchen.

We haven’t started playing but Lola was already dancing to the tunes, she was already dropping the Tunes, like D’Tunes was giving her instrumentals, like my D was giving her the tunes she was sounding to.

We were kissing for a long period; the kisses were so sweet like woah. Woe to anyone that wants to stop us. The sweetest kiss we have ever had, I knew we were gonna make babies in that kitchen if am not careful. God bless the man that made that their kitchens counter like he made it for that purpose. Damn, Mr. Williams can’t even know it’s not only sweet food that can come out of the kitchen, sweet sex can also be made in the kitchen. Dear readers, you need to know sweet sex can also be made in the kitchen, thank me later for the tip

Kitchen is the perfect place to have make up sex, don’t use the bed, don’t use the bathroom, don’t use one of the usual places, use the kitchen, make love while making dinner, make love for a long period, make it so hard that you let the food burn, leave the food, let the food burn so much that it catches fire, don’t stop making love, make love in burning house, tell me can it get any hotter than that? LOL!

We were just kissing but my mind had gone far, at the back of my mind we had done it all, the question is did we do it all? Yes we did it all but that is all I am gonna tell you about it. You can go ahead and imagine what we did in the kitchen all in your head, let us pity the innocent ones like me reading the story too. We have said enough already, I know someone is vexing and that someone likes iranu too much, hian!

After we did all we were gonna do, we started cooking the poundo yam. Not like I was cooking too but I was just helping with little stuff, like getting water and choosing the soup and the type of meat I want.

Forget that this Buhari season is tough, it is still soft for some families, I was confused when Lola asked me to open the freezer and tell her the kind of soup and the kind of meat I would like to eat my poundo yam with, they had all types of meat and fish refrigerated, the soups too were freshly kept there.

This Buhari period that peoples refrigerators has stopped functioning, that people are not seeing money to buy stuff to keep in the Freezer, someone is still stacking foods in the refrigerator forgetting that there is a family of 5 somewhere sharing one gala and two pure water as dinner.

What is my own business, I had gone to that house to enjoy myself fully, as she asked me to choose what I would like to eat my meal with, I chose egusi soup and asked if they have ogufe stored up in the freezer and of course, OGUFE was there, I also asked what the Big Daddy is eating his own with and she said the same thing and fish.

“oya I want fish too” I said to her after she said that Mr. Williams is taking fish too.

“look at his mouth like I want fish too, you like food too much, kilode” she replied me, I don’t like food too much I only eat occasionally, why is everybody saying I like food too much sef, am I not too skinny to like food? But you people should not forget that skinny people eat the most, skinny people that eats too much are just like baskets, they can’t hold food just like baskets can’t hold water, they will eat this minute and go to the toilet next minute but it is different with me, I am only skinny on the surface, I only look skinny, but I weigh some pounds probably close to John Cena’s weight but you can’t see it.

Food was done, she prepared the poundo yam and also the egusi soup with all in it, I haven’t tasted it but I knew it would be sweet, I know a pot sweeter than a woman’s honey pot, it is egusi pot that has ogufe and catfish in it, I knew eating the food would be sweeter than having sex and yes when I got to eat the food it was a sweet one.

“You are serving my food first o, I come first now because I stayed with you while you were preparing it, don’t even think you are serving his food before mine” I told her to serve my food before she serves Mr. Williams’s food when the food was prepared. She heeded and served mine first after serving it she called me “Food Monger” but I acted like I didn’t hear her.

She took Mr. Williams’s food to him upstairs and took my food to the dining room, and I ate it all there, Lola joined me and she ate with me too but I ate the most.

Time was already going, I should be on my way really soon, there is a feeling that comes with eating in somebody’s house, just immediately after eating you will feel like you should be on your way, like you should take your leave, or I am the only one that feels that way.

After eating you won’t now want to leave immediately so they won’t say that you came for the food only, but since Lola and I were cool like that I was able to tell her that I should take my leave very soon.

“Don’t go yet jhur, I will drop you in school when my Aunty calls me to come pick her, I told you she is gonna call me to come pick her when she is done at the salon” she said to me after I told her that I will love to leave soon.

“When is she now going to call you? What kind of hair is she doing sef that she is using forever to do, you know I just ate, I am feeling sleepy already sef” I said.

“Why won’t you feel like sleeping, see the heavy food you just finished and your tummy is still flat, your tummy should be big sef” Lola should just leave me alone and let me be jare, this one that she just keeps whining about the food I ate, Vanessa and her boyfriend, Elliot has roasted me earlier, now Lola is roasting me, hope you people reading this are not roasting me too sha, I know my readers like food, if you say you don’t like food it is your problem.

Really I should be going already, I was beginning to feel unease, like I was overstaying my welcome, like something was gonna happen soon, I just felt the urge to leave the house already, the time was around 6’O clock in the evening.

Ehn ehn I said it, no wonder I have been feeling some type of way, like I knew Mrs. Williams was going to call soon or someone was going to call Lola – that is what popped up in my mind when I heard Lola’s phone ring but who was calling her, is it Mrs. Williams? Should we find out in the next episode or I should keep writing, did someone say don’t stop writing or you are bored already, if you are bored, I am sorry.

It was Elliot that was calling her, Lola picked up the phone and said – Hello Bae. I didn’t hear what Elliot was saying but from what Lola was saying I could tell that Elliot asked her where she was, who was at home and also told her that he was coming home with Vanesssa.

“Oh, you are coming home with Vanessa?”

“No Mom is at the salon”

“Yes I am at home, I will be expecting you guys then”. She then dropped the call and looked at me, she said to me “Elliot and Vanessa are on their way home, let us just wait for them we will start going when they come, Big Mommy should call me soon”

I was already willing to go, I was ready to go right then, I didn’t want Vanessa to come meet me in the house but if I told Lola she would know  I wanted to leave because Vanessa was coming so I just sat there and was waiting for them to come.

“See ehn, if your Aunty doesn’t call when they get here we will start going, I am feeling really sleepy and apart from that it is getting late, I know you don’t want me to leave again but you know I gotto go” I said to Lola, abi what do you guys think of Vanessa coming to meet me in Mrs. Williams place? Is it good or bad? Should I just leave before they get here? Let me just wait and leave immediately after they get here, nothing spoil.

Like I knew Lola was going to say I wanted to leave because she said Vanessa was coming, she doesn’t even know that it wasn’t Vanessa I was bothered about, I was scared Mrs. Williams was going to meet me there and that was the main reason why I wanted to leave since it was getting late.

“I know you don’t want Vanessa to see you here, you don’t want her to know we are getting closer, I just want you to know that she is no longer holding onto you, she is moving on with my Cousin, you should move on too, I just broke up with my boyfriend and I want to go into something new, I told you it would be brilliant if you can let us move on to together but you are using me to do big boy”

She kept talking, I knew she was getting all emotional on me again. The sex was good, the way she was moving her body, the way she danced at my place, her flexibility, her big bumbum, her everything was getting into my head, Lola is the kind of babe I would like to hold on to, I have a had a good time with her that the song that was playing in my head was Kiss Daniel’s song, Good Time, I would love to have such time again, not minding what it would cost me.

“See Omolola, it is not that I don’t like you, I just don’t want to rush and go into another relationship, I want to be watchful so I don’t end up getting into the same kind of relationship I got out from, I hope you understand me, for now let us just hang out more and get to know more about each other, believe me you are a very sweet lady, I know something special is awaiting you and I, don’t let us rush things. I hope you can understand me”

How far what I just said to Lola, did I try? With the billion dollar smile she dropped for me after I said those words I knew and I could tell that I really tried and she liked all I said, she smiled strikingly and said “Is it too early to fall in love with you?” jokingly I replied her “No it is actually too late, you should have loved me since” that was the best reply I could come up with.

I knew Lola felt better with all I have said and it was like I was assuring her that we have a wonderful thing going on and a beautiful togetherness awaiting us, is that right? Is Lola and I ever going to be together? Are we ever going to fall in Love? She loves me already, am I ever going to love her back? Is she going to have my heart at a certain period?

We started talking about stuff, she told me about most of her exes, she talked about the times she has fallen in love, about the times love did her strong thing, she also gisted me about how she lost her virginity and all that mushy love stories.

It was my turn to tell her stories of my exes too, I was telling her how I met Vanessa, should I tell you people how I met Vanessa too? You will, don’t worry.

I was still telling her this story when someone opened the gate, I already knew that would be Elliot and Vanessa but it was not just Elliot and Vanessa, they had someone with them, who was it? Oh Lord how did it happen? How did she get to follow them, how did she even know they were coming home? Who was it?

It was Big Momma, I am dead, let me quickly tell you about how she got to follow them – immediately after Elliot called Lola, he called his mom too to tell her that she was coming home, his Mom told him she was at the salon and she was almost done.

“I am at the salon now, making my hair but I am almost done, I was even about calling Lola to come pick me, since you will be coming around the salon”

That is how that got to happen o but me I didn’t know, I do not even think such would happen, it was a beautiful Saturday for me, I was gisting Lola about how I met Lola, it was Elliot voice I first heard “Omolola my baby, ahn ahn Mommy, yeah come and see the Lola Boyfriend I was telling you about”

I didn’t know his mom was with him, “which Mom is this one calling now?” I said at the back of my mind. If to say I been know say him mama dey there I go don ginger go hide for kitchen or anywhere wey I fit go hide but I no know. I was just seated there, relaxed like a mofo, oh God! it is paining me that Mrs. Williams met me there sha, I don fuck up gan!!

“Ahh Big Mummy, I thought you were going to call me when you finish making your hair, I wanted to call you sef that why is the hair taking forever. The hair looks good, is it Sister Dammy that made it for you?” Lola said to Mrs Williams as she entered the sitting room. I was still there seated like a mofo that I am.

Mrs. Williams has seen me, she looked at me briefly, she didn’t know I was the one at first then she looked at me again and our eyes met, I was looking like a crayfish, I was looking dead, I was just wishing I could disappear, why isn’t my Dad gurumaraji?

I envy the kind of relationship between Mrs. Williams and Lola, they were just like padis, like close friends, like Mother and Daughter/Friend. Mrs. Williams acted like she hasn’t seen me before and she didn’t look at me like she has not seen me before, as she saw me she just coded like it was nothing, like she didn’t know me.

“So you won’t introduce your friend to me yeah? You are there talking about my hair, Elliot was telling me you have a new friend, is this him?” She said to Lola then she looked at me and smiled, I was feeling really bad inside. I knew Mrs. Williams was just putting up the act because she wouldn’t be able to explain to Lola and Elliot all that has happened between.

I told Mrs. Williams I was single and she believed me, she thought I was different and the last thing I want to do is hurt her. I am supposed to make her feel good, make her feel better and make her forget her marital problems. Am not meant to add to it but I think I have messed up already. I shouldn’t have gone to her house in the first place.

Lola introduced me to her as just a friend, “Big Mommy, don’t mind Elliot jor, he is just my friend from school. He just came to say hello to me”. Oh yeah true, I only came to say Hello Kitty to her and to eat as well. I only went there for 2 reasons, only for the sex and the food and now I have messed up everything between Mrs. Williams and me. So now what’s going to become of me and my “Virgin Cougar”, Mrs. Williams?

Lola told me to meet her Big Mommy. “She’s my 2nd Mommy, you see how lucky I am to have such a pretty as my 2nd Mommy?” she said and smiled gallantly. I looked at Mrs. Williams sheepishly and I said “Good evening Ma”.

“Ehn ehn Mommy, has big Daddy called you? He got back about few hours ago” she said to Mrs. Williams. Elliot and Vanessa was already seated, I haven’t greeted Vanessa and Elliot, I was doing like a total stranger. I had to do that because I didn’t want Mrs. Williams to feel that I know them too well. That could spoil the thing between us but wait first hasn’t the parole spoiled already?

“Aww he is back? He hasn’t called me o let me go and greet him nippily. Elliot won’t you come and greet your Daddy?” Oshey Mrs. Williams oloyinbo, which one is nippily again. Immediately she left to see her husband, Vanessa said hello to me and without wasting time I said to Lola “it is time to leave dear” really it was time to leave. “Ahn ahn Bro, I just came now, won’t you chill with me a little before you leave?” Elliot said to me. I wasn’t in a good mood but I still had to be nice to him, the question that my mind prepared for him was “which kind jagbajantis chill is that?” but I told him that I have been there for a long time and I have series of assignment to attend to.

“Okay, Lola should be able to drop you in school, I want to go and say hello to my Dad, see you in school” he then followed his Mom. After Vanessa greeted me, she didn’t say anything again, she was looking like that was her first time in the house. She was looking around and enjoying the luxurious view she was having, she was looking gentle.

Lola grabbed the car key and said, “Let me drop you off at school, Vanessa I would be back soon. Tell Big Mommy I went to drop him off if she asks of me.”

We left; she told me to continue my story when she was driving me back to school and I continued with the gist, told her about my escapades with girls and told her about some of my exes. Couldn’t even tell her much because my mind was seriously wandering, I was wondering what Mrs. Williams would think of me, I was really confused, didn’t know what to think or do. Is Mrs. Williams ever going to call me again? Are we ever going to hang out again?

I couldn’t say if I was hurting or not but thinking that I ruined my relationship was hurting me deeply. Lola wants us to date; she is giving me good loving and ready to catch my shots whenever I shoot. Ready to come whenever I call, Mrs. Williams on the other hand is hurting and going through matrimony bs, she needs someone with soothing words like me to make her feel better but I bet things are going to change now that she knows I know her son and her niece, Lola.

“Baby, make sure you call me this night o” Lola said as i alighted from the car and moved towards her side of the car.  “Okay, I will call you, thanks for dropping me off” I hastily replied. So you want to be going without giving me a goodbye kiss? Wicked boy, you will be doing like you are not romantic and I know you are romantic more than Korede Bello, I heard your gist. She then smiled a little but I was not in the mood for any dead joke, so I just faked a smile for her, kissed her hastily and I left.

I went to my room and jumped on my bed, my mood was crashing, my mind was wandering and thinking all sorts, what is going to happen now, what am I going to do now? My heart was with Mrs. Williams, I  have seen her cry before, I know her pain, I know how much she is hurting, I should make her feel better not put her into more mystery. I am sure she would be thinking about me and she would be thinking of what to do as well, I really want to see her again, I want to be with her again. I should not lie I want to kiss her again and probably do more to her, I was reminiscing the sweet kisses we shared, I just want to make her feel loved and make her happy. But can I still make her happy? I told her I am single, Elliot told her I am Lola’s boyfriend, everything seems to have crashed between Mrs. Williams and I right? Is this the end of Mrs. Williams and me? Question for my readers, make sure you answer it.

I was not talking to any of my roommates; I was all by myself, thinking things through. Thinking about Lola, at the same time thinking about Mrs. Williams. How would Lola feel if she knows about the little escapade I have had with her big mommy, my mind was still wandering when I slept off. It was Lola’s call that woke me from my sleep, she called to check up on me and ask what I was doing, I knew she was going to call me, “Sheybi I told you to call me, you didn’t” she said to me, I told her that I have been sleeping since I got to my room.

“Yeah, I was gisting my Big Mommy about you sef. She was asking what kind of friend you are to me and I told her that we are just friends for now”

“Oh really?” I said

“Yes, I think she likes you because she has not asked me questions like that before. You see my Big Mommy likes us together, from the way she was asking questions I could tell she wants us to date”. This Lola girl doesn’t even know what is going on.

“Are you serious, what other questions did she ask” I asked Lola.

“Don’t worry I am coming to school tomorrow, I will give you the full gist when I come, I am happy she likes you sha” she said. I could sense excitement in her when she was talking to me on the phone, she was just happy, she thought Mrs. Williams was asking her all those questions because she likes me, she didn’t know she was making her findings.

“Make sure you call me tomorrow morning o, I even just left big momma now, she is in her room, and she said I should say Hello to you.” Maybe Lola is lying, I know Mrs. Williams can’t tell her to say hello to me.

Immediately after she drops the call my phone rang, and behold! It was Mrs. Williams calling me! My heart challenged Usain Bolt to race and it started beating fast like never before, my head was spinning, my knees weak as fuck even in bed. I was scared to pick the call but what can I do, I had to pick the call, so I did.

“Hello Young Man” she said and I said “good evening ma”.

“We need to talk” that was all she said and she ended the call.

As she ended the call, I am also ending this Episode, so till we meet again in the next episode stay blessed.

But please before we go, what is it that Mrs. Williams and I want to talk about gangan, oro yi ti sumi please, this matter don tire me, this is just Konkobility.

What is Konkobility? (I will explain what Konkobility is next week)

Written By inCognito Papi and Edited by ProSyd.

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