A teenage boy has narrated his ordeal in the hand of a suspected ritualist who hypnotized him in Lagos and took him to Ondo state.

The 18-year-old boy identified as Segun Bakare revealed he was hypnotized by an elderly man on his way to work in Mushin, Lagos state.

According to him, he left his house in Mushin at about 9 am, on August 19, 2021, for his master’s workshop where works as an auto mechanic apprentice.

In an interview with Vanguard, Bakare said that on that fateful day he was approached around Daleko road by a man who identified himself as a Muslim cleric, popularly called Alfa.

He said the man told him he saw a vision concerning him and would want to reveal it to him. He noted that as soon as the man held his hand he didn’t know what happened thereafter and just saw himself following him till they got to Ore, Ondo state.

“The elderly man wore a native buba and sokoto. He beckoned me to come, I walked up to him. Immediately I got close to him, he held my hand. As soon as he held my hand, he gave me his bag. I don’t know what happened thereafter. I just saw myself following him.

I became a bit conscious of my environment when we got to Ore. That was when we alighted from the vehicle.

The man took his bag from me. We were about to board another vehicle when I asked where I was.

I started acting strangely and was shouting that I was on my way to work in Lagos. I didn’t know how I found myself there. While I was demanding to know how I got there, one man hit me on the chest. But I kept shouting Lagos!, Lagos!.

By then people had gathered. They asked if the man with me was my father, I said no. I told them I could only remember speaking with him at Isolo in Lagos. That was when the commercial motorcycle operators and other people got interested.

They called the operatives of Amotekun, who took us to their office from where my mother was contacted”. He said.

The victim’s mother, Mrs Rashidat who noted that her son is still traumatized by the incident revealed she kept singing songs of praise to God, after he was rescued.

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