A viral video has captured the terrifying moment the rear door of a Russian aircraft suddenly sprang open soon after takeoff.

The plane carrying 25 people, including six crew members, took off from Magan in the Siberian region of Yakutia at minus 41°C, when the rear door opened, causing the passengers to fear for their lives.

The now-viral clip, which was shared online by one of the passengers, clearly showed the visible gaping rear door on the plane.

The door, used to load cargo and luggage, is normally curtained off from the passengers at the back of the plane. However, the curtain can be seen blowing in the wind in the viral video.

The man filming the nightmare is heard swearing in shock at the open door behind him.

Following the incident, the pilot made a quick emergency landing at Magan in the Siberian region of Yakutsk. All passengers aboard the plane were reported “safe.”

A report said, “Fortunately, the 25 people on board, including the crew, were unharmed. Only the caps off some people’s heads flew into the white void.”

Recounting the quite scary incident, one of the passengers said, “A man sitting at the rear of the plane was nearly blown away.” He had just unfastened his seat belt. And he was almost blown out of the plane.

Watch video below,

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