A heartwarming video of a Nigerian dad expressing his excitement after his daughter showed him her newly acquired car has gone viral.

In the viral clip, the US-based Nigerian father is visibly elated and couldn’t contain his joy as he took a ride with his daughter in her new Mercedes Benz.

During the ride, he advised his daughter to ensure she marries a successful man who would match her success.

He also enjoined her to take her time and not rush into marriage.

“Make sure you marry a successful man, don’t rush your love life either. Take your time, because your family is successful so he needs to match up.” The father said in part.

Watch video below,

In other news, a young Nigerian lady has taken to social media to thank her boyfriend for transforming her life.

In a trending clip that has stirred warm reactions from netizens, the lady showed how she was when she met her man and how he completely transformed her life.

The beginning of the video, which showed how she met her man, showed her looking slim in a very simple outfit, but the latter part of the video, which showed how her boyfriend transformed her life, showed that she looked totally different.

Her fair complexion was brighter and more glowing; she appeared curvier; and her overall appearance indicated an improvement in her lifestyle.

Sharing the video online, the pretty lady whose stunning transformation left netizens speechless, in her caption sang the praises of her man.

“The girl I gave him, vs the girl he turned me into”, she wrote.

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