Popular Nigerian singer, Kizz Daniel, has disclosed that his father was the first person he told when he lost his virginity at age 21.

The father of two made this disclosure in an interview on The Will Downtown Magazine’s current edition, where he spoke about parenting and his relationship with his father.

According to him, his father is his best friend, so rather than tell his friends about losing his virginity he called him first to give him the details.

“My dad is my best friend. I used the word ‘is’ because he’s still in my heart after him, then my brother. So I was really close to my dad but not so much with my mum.

As a normal dude, the day I lost my virginity, I should have called my friends but it was my dad. I lost my virginity at the age of 21 —as a kid, I was a bookworm and a huge nerd.

I studied Water Engineering and graduated with a 4.32 GPA —so I’m narrating everything to him; from the beginning, all the way to the end and he laughed from start to finish. It was a very weird conversation but that just goes to show how deep the bond went.” He said.

Speaking on fatherhood, Kizz Daniel noted that becoming a parent has changed his way of seeing things and it has made him cautious of his decisions.

His words,

“I’m a father and I’m quite particular about energy not just around me but around everyone close to my kids and the mother of my kids. It made me more responsible.”

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