Article Written by Chukwudi Iwuchukwu

In a age and time, feminism movement preach the message that any man that cheats or has a mistress outside his matrimonial home should be kicked out, it is heartwarming to see Annie Idibia standing tall and cozying up to her husband on a live TV inspite of his horrendous past For those who dont know, Tuface has 7 kids from three women and this not withstanding, Annie is Tuface’s Rock Of Gibraltar and first love. She is still with him and will be forever.

I used to work for an PR organization that has Annie Idibia as a client so I know some of her stories with Tuface but she ignored all that, chose to stand with her man no matter what the world thinks of her The lesson is simple:

Don’t allow society, feminist movement or social media dictates to you how to run your marriage. Choose what makes you happy and run with it as a lady.

Though there is a limit you can tolerate from your man but dont be influenced by feminism movement, society and what you read on social media I dont think I will cheat on my wife, not because I wont want to but I believe in monogamy, that is the way I saw myself, Im wired like that but for those men who choose to keep mistress outside their home, I will never judge them Annie Idibia story with Tuface is a study in perseverance, seeing her watching her husband performs on TV with this proud look written all over her face just made my night A person that will accept you for all your flaws and love you regardless. Such people exist, Annie is an example…


  1. Nonsense. True woman indeed, if dats wat works for her, fyn.doesn’t mean others are fake.d rate at which women get hiv from cheating husbands is becoming alarming.

  2. men am hapi 4 dem,datz hw it surppose 2 be wen ur half offend u,u 4giv and move on not listnin 2 wat order people fink or say, jst b ur self even wen d gossipers cum listen 2 den but pray GOD guild ur steps bcos not evrybdy u tell ur story ar happi wif u sum of dem want u 2 av more problem so datz y we should b careful about wat we tell people

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