They are the richest and most famous artist in West Africa (even Africa). With over a hundred million in their name and luxurious condos across the world.

P-square is one of Africa’s most loved entertainers what with their fancy cars and houses it’s little wonder when their name pops up people think of money.

Their Net Worth

They are the only celebrity in the Nigerian entertainment industry that have a mansion in Banana Island where properties are sold in billions.

They’ve been know as the Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi of African music. P-Square is the only artiste in Africa you dare not book with less than $100,000. Their net worth is – $128.0 million

Here is how they spend their millions:

Their homes (Condo) in California:









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  1. The bible says do not envy them who obtain their wealth from dirty satanic works. Happier are those who obtain favour from the Lord.

  2. Thanks xana my brothers they say if u cannot beat them join them am happy 4u because the God who has given u is the one who have not give them have fan the way u want life is short enjoy your life and what u have show what u have coz no were 2 show them only here i salut u my brothers keep it up

  3. @behati, who are u to judge them? Do u know where these boys started from? I dont think so cos if u did, u wont be talking trash. Stop all these hate becos they struggled and laboured for their wealth. When they were composing songs and dancing Michael Jackson style those days u guys were laughing at them. Now they ve become very popular and rich thru hard work but u guys still dont want to let go. hypocrites

  4. After the mother death,after Snoop dogg,rick ross maid them the Africa illuminati agency..member,D-BAJI, illuminati in Africa heads branches is in LEGOS-nigeria,NAIROBI-kenya,BONGO-tanzania,CAPETOWN-southafrica…AFRICA is part of new world order

  5. So what?Let them spend those billions on the less priviledged,poor,orphans,widows and the needy,……after post such things here dont tell us nonsense!

  6. What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and end his soul in Hell … Hell and Heaven is Real ,therefore in all ur getting get JESUS CHRIST FIRST ,.. MATTHEW 6 VS 3O -33

  7. One problem with us Afriacans is dat we like to atribute peoples wealth to come from devil,these guys worked hard and now they are enjoying.pls let them be

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