A young lady has given her opinion on the rate of women going naked for photo-shoot during pregnancies. She shared her opinion on break_or_makeup, a popular relationship page on Instagram.

According to her, the rate of nudity among ladies these days is just way too much. She wrote on the need to cover up a little bit more as pregnancy itself is a miracle from God.

Below is how she penned down her thoughts:


Please kindly post this write up. Its not a relationship issue but something terrible that has eaten deep into the society.

I must say I am shocked at the rate at which a lot of pregnant women are going nude for photo shoots. It’s disgusting. We can’t all be godly but at least we should all have a little fear of God in us. He created us.

He brought us into this World for a purpose. I am not judging anyone. I just want the World to know it’s morally and spiritually wrong even though the so called celebrities make it seem normal. It’s not normal. They have gone too far.

It all started with wearing skimpy clothes or lingerie to show the bump to going completely nude and covering only the sensitive areas all for fame and to show the world the beauty underneath their clothes which we care less about. Soon,they won’t even cover any parts.

Someone said her husband supports it and I ask,does that make it right?If your man wants you to do a nude shoot for the whole World to see,then he needs to get his mind examined. Pregnancy is a miracle. Some women wish to experience it.

So, if the Almighty bless your womb. That should make you more grateful and closer to him. It should make you pray harder for an easy labour and birth.Cox some people go in there but don’t return.I pray that all pregnant women deliver safely.

Please let’s stop the nudity.Kids are always on social media. We don’t want them becoming worse and making sex videos look normal. Cox,most times they do worse than what they observe.We shouldn’t bring that to Africa. It’s not our thing. Nudity is not for decent people, It’s for porn stars.

I will say don’t judge people’s choices because you do not like or believe in it. Respect everybody’s ideology to life, that is what makes us mature people. Mind your business.

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