Founder of Rant HQ, Suzan Ade Coker has called out Nigerians who believe everything they hear from influencers.

According to her, a lot of influencers don’t believe what they say, they just play into people’s emotions and tell them what they want to hear.

She wrote;

“The reason some influencers support Peter Obi is simply cos of their business and not cos they believe in him. They want to stay on the side of the loud majority so that they can continue selling their brands.
I will not call anybody’s na but, to whom it may concern Sha.
They are different from the ones that get paid and do the work.
Influencers know how to use people. They follow whatever the passes follow. You definitely will buy their brand cos they appeal and align with your emotions. You people are very easy to be used.
You don’t like anyone who stands against popular opinion.
Same reason why politicians use some of u. You have w. e..a..k emotions and per..forat..ed personalities.
Btw, do you know some of your influencers where shacked up at oriental hotel while many of u stayed up by the tollgate??
The day many of you realize that “your suffering ” is somebody’s daily bread, you will stop jumping on brands just because an influencer endorses a product. Think we’ll about it. Ask questions.
Use the round thing on top of your neck. Don’t let it be solely for identification purposes alone.”

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