Nigerian lady slams

A Nigerian lady, Lisar Kanu, has slammed those supporting BBNaija housemate, White Money, for cooking, cleaning and doing other chores in the house.

Nigerian lady slams

According to her, WhiteMoney is not cooking because he is selfless, but because he wants to get sympathy from his fellow housemates and viewers of the show. She argued that the 29-year-old businessman would never cook for ladies if there were no cameras in the house.

In the video making rounds on social media, Lisar called the female housemates a “disgrace to womanhood” for allowing a man cook for them.

Nigerian lady slams

She went on to advise viewers not to be swayed by their emotions because WhiteMoney is an Igbo man and would do anything for the N90 million prize money.

She said,

“Remove the fact that he is your favorite. If there is no camera in the house, your favorite WHitemoney will not cook for 22 people. I like the guy. He has a serious startegy. That is a game. Anything for the 90 million is okay.

She also addressed the incidents that occurred after former HoH, Pere, kicked WhiteMoney out of kitchen duty for fear of kitchen money. It can be recalled that there was serious hunger when the WhiteMoney stopped cooking.

Her words, “There are 22 people in the house. Inside this 22 people, twelve of them are women. Most of them claim they are caterers.

22 housemates and 12 women, but there is no food in the house. There is hunger. Why? Because we don’t longer have women. Our women are a disgrace to women and the people voting for whitemoney or rooting for Whitemoney because he is in the Kitchen , sweeping, cleaning, washing, means you are also a disgrace of a woman.

A man will enter the kitchen, an Igbo man will wear Apron and enter the kitchen and be cooking for women that are not doing anything. Women that are not crippled, that are not in coma, that don’t have internal sickness, that are not pregnant and a man will cook for you week one, week two, week three…you are not supposed to be a woman. The office of every woman ends in the kitchen.

Now look at what is happening. The women are complaining there is no food. Can’t you cook? You don’t have any excuse not to cook when you are a woman. You are supposed to hide your face in shame. You cannot cook. What did you learn form your mothers?

White money is cooking, wearing apron and you call him a selfless man? Because you want a houseboy. You want a toy toy. I love the whitemoney strategy but the only one I don’t want is a man cooking for women. A man, an Igbo man, an African man cooking for women and you people are laughing over it.

In reality, Whitemoney will not cook for those women. Let me ask you, if Whitemoney is not in Big Brother’s house, can he cook for his 12 sisters? Assuming that is a family house, will Whitemoney be that selfless? He is still an Igbo man. Don’t be carried away by your emotions”.

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  1. I am a very well respected in my home and area because I love to cook.without camera I cook for my wife,siblings and all my area don’t blame WM because he make his mate happy.aunty you no get point

  2. Hater everywhere , are you his sister’s to know if his not cooking for them, this is a game and he’s playing it well ,leave am for us like that and enjoy the show

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