An expressive wife has shared a video of where she is in bed with her husband and announcing their great sex life and the fact that her husband loves his children and family and do not need a DNA test.

This came as a defense to the controversial and trendy topic of husbands going to check the paternity of their children in case of fraud.

The woman thus claimed her husband’s staunch love regardless of whomever has her kids biologically and her husband readily concurred.

Viewers have a lotto say about her statement. Read some below,

@AKIN: I can sense she set everything up and from the way she is talking and forcing the man to say no to DNA she is a suspect. The man should better check o

@zenith_tm: For that reason if I’m the man I will still do DNA

@Oladapomikky1: This guy I’m seeing needs help. Someone should call 911 immediately.

@FineBoyDevv: We need to save this man, he is under arrest

@suraj_dirrr: Funny how adults take out phones to recording what is meant to be private and post online

@adeewunmii: When there’s trust, there’s no need for dna

@shewie____: I’m just here wondering why the topic is coming up if truly there is nothing

@Babajuwon1: He be like say na this woman Dey feed hin husband See as he Dey nod head


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