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Video Of A Nigerian Mother Overwhelmed With Joy As Her Son Gifts Her A Brand New Car Goes Viral (WATCH)

A heartwarming video capturing a Nigerian mother’s elated reaction after receiving a brand new car as a surprise gift from her son has taken the internet by storm.

The emotional moment has garnered thousands of likes, shares, and views on social media, netizens

The video, accompanied by a heartfelt caption, reads:

“Congrats on your new baby my sweet mum,”

In the footage, she can be seen tightly gripping the steering wheel of her new car, her face beaming with happiness.

Another scene captures her signing the car paperwork, claiming the incredible gift.

The interior of the car, still adorned with protective nylon, is also proudly displayed in the video.

Witnessing this heartwarming gesture, many individuals joined in the celebration, expressing their happiness through warm embraces and their mere presence.

As the video continues to circulate, it as undeniably captivated users online as people flock to the comment section to share their thoughts and emotions.

Here are some reaction from viewers:

@Jimmy cem reacted: “I will surprise my parents one day that’s a promise I make today so help me God.”

@Lonely bby reacted: “Congratulations I tap from this🤲🤲🙏

@Wendy reacted: “Congratulations 🎉 🎈 I will do this and even more for my lovely parents Amen.”

@Mr Big Name reacted: “i feel pain because my dad didn’t eat the fruit of he’s labor.”


Watch the video below:


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