Gay rights activist and writer, Bisi Alimi is of the opinion that there is nothing spiritual about coitus.

 Activist, Bisi Alimi

He stated this in a post he shared on his Instagram story on Wednesday, February 9, while advising his followers ahead of Valentine’s day.

According to him, people should not allow anyone “dull their cruise” with such claims that sex is spiritual. He further advised them to have sex responsibly.

Bisi wrote,

“There is nothing, absolutely nothing spiritual about sex.

Don’t let anyone lie to you and dull your cruise.

Just fuck responsibly!”

See below,

 Activist, Bisi Alimi

A while ago, Bisi Alimi sparked outrage on social media over a controversial post he shared on his official Instagram page about God.

The openly gay activist had claimed that there is no solid evidence to back the existence of God but Africans blindly believe there is God. However, there are numerous evidence of slavery and importation of Christianity, but Africans don’t care about it.

Taking to his Instastory, Bisi Alimi wrote, “There is no single evidence of God but Africans believe it. We have numerous evidence of slavery, and importation of Christianity, But Africans don’t care”. Read here


  1. It would appear that W.Shakespeare agrees with you. Consider this verse from his poem Venus and Adonis:

    Call it not love for love to heaven is fled
    Since sweating lust on earth usurp’d His name.
    Under who simple semblance man hath fed
    upon fresh beauty blotting it with blame,
    which the hot tyrant stains and soon bereaves
    As caterpillars do the tender leaves.

    Love comforteth like sunshine after rain
    but lust effect is tempest after sun.
    Love’s gentle spring doth always fresh remain.
    Lust’s winter comes, ere summer half be done.
    Love surfeits not, lust like a glutton dies,
    Love is all truth, lust full of forged lies.

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