A thief has made the news after broke into a police officer’s house, climbed into a bed and fell asleep.

The incident took place on March 22 in the Nam Rorn sub-district of Wichianburi in Petchabun province in northeastern Thailand.

Police sergeant Sakda Jiamprasert woke in the night at around 2am and heard the air-conditioner running in his daughter’s room.

However, his daughter had gone away for a few days, so Sakda went outside and peeked into her bedroom window.

There, Sakda saw the burglar, Athip Kinkhunthot, curled up in his daughter’s bed, with his housebreaking tools next to him.

The 22-year-old burglar whose name was given as Kinkhunthot, had been fast asleep and was still drowsy when the police officers woke him up.

Thai news site, The Nation, reported that the burglar told police that he had been prowling the neighbourhood for quite some time looking for a suitable target and had become very tired.

He broke into Officer Jiamprasert’s house but then decided to take a short break before ransacking the property.

Kinkhunthot turned on the aircon and settled down for a five-minute nap but the next thing he knew it was hours later and he was being ”rudely” woken by the police.

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