Thought I’ve not watched Jenifa’s Diary..But I must confess, Funke Akindele is a Fantastic Actress!

But a Facebook user, Femi Owolabi says otherwise…He feels Funke Akindele is overrated and a failed attempt at Comedy.

Hepoured his heart yesterday in a post. According to him, he doesn’t find the much loved Jenifa’s Diary produced by Funke Akindele, funny at all.


He wrote

“My sisters would always tell me to see Funke Akindele’s Jennifer’s Diary, that it’s the best thing that has happened after ewa agoyin. ‎And so, I tried seeing a few episodes tonight and really, it’s just a failed attempt at comedy, yes, for me. But, people whom were with me laughed, laughed and got so entertained by the drama.
Biko, am I the only one who thinks Funke Akindele is one overrated comedian?”

Of course, some fans of Funke Akindele reacted and he had to post this other message, moments ago.

“Yesterday, I put up a soft criticism of Funke Akindele’s Jenifa’s Diary, dismissing the work as a failed attempt at comedy, and the post attracted more insults ‎than it could handle.

I didn’t say I hate Funke. I didn’t say Funke is not an inspiration in the industry. I only expressed an opinion which, if you like, could pass as a critical evaluation of the art that is Jenifa’s Diary. ‎

Instead of some persons to counter the post with logical arguments, they jumped on the post with insults and some other nonsense. ‎

One wrote, “give her constructive suggestions instead of killing her effort.”‎ Wow!

Another wrote, “the lady is making millions while haters are hating.”‎ Ehn ehn?

Another wrote, “you hypocrites will applaud the likes of Mr Beans and downgrade your own sister… go and sit at Ikoyi cemetery and watch your best comedy.” Like seriously? ‎

Another wrote, “create your own and let’s assess you on it.” Laughable! ‎

“if you think Jenifa’s Diary is a failed attempt at comedy, then I think you need help.” O boi, I have suffered! ‎

One said, “what has this post achieved? We Nigerians are our own worst enemy.” Ha!

One simply wrote, “Mr I.T.K (I too know)” Sigh.‎

He continued:

You see, some people went to school and, sadly, didn’t broaden their intellection. The post isn’t an attack on Funke’s person or works, it’s simply a critical opinion of a literary critic, and you people come here to spit nonsense?

Get some education.

Here are a few types of comedy that I have studied; Romantic Comedy, Comedy of Humours, Satirical Comedy, Comedy of Manners, Sentimental Comedy, Farce, and Black Comedy.

Seeing a few episodes of Jenifa’s Diary, I used these aforementioned ‘techniques’ to evaluate the work and it failed, for me.

Same with AY’s 30 Days in Atlanta, where I argued that AY wasn’t a suitable actor for the Akpors role– imagine a Warri-just-come who couldn’t speak the language properly. The same were used to adjudge Femi Adebayo’s Jelili which, for me, is a perfect work of comedy.
Funke Akindele is a fantastic actress but, for me, her recent work, Jenifa’s Diary, is a failed attempt at comedy. ‎
Good evening.”


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