So, Here’s are Pictures of jay, He’s an Actor, Model, Dancer and a Student. He calls himself the queen King of Fierce Photos. Be Like Jay!

This is Jay. Jay is an actor, model, dancer and student…Jay knows how to take fierce photos. Jay doesn’t care what people think. Be like Jay!

See Photos Below:









  1. Jay Jay,whatever u r doing,i won’t judge you bcs i’m not God.I’m a girl but i can’t pose like u but pls,as u dey bend n roll ur waist anyhow;I beg,save ur yansh 4rm d destruction of homo sexuals.God help u

  2. Did they pay u guys to encourage gay or what??,u can tell that to your families, be like jay,pose like, practice gay like jay, ugly like jay, bleach like jay n so on!!.what’s our president doing?, for goodness sake we dont practice gay in Nigeria, all this abominable act should be put to stop, all this idiots suppose to root in jail

  3. I’m sure the admin of is gay no doubt about that…mind what you post oo since there’s no age limit on Facebook so the young folks wouldn’t think been gay is normal or cool.

  4. Na wa.I thought they said God created the humans to be wiser than the animals how come the animals are wise enough not to practice gay. I pray God should come down and punished all these gay people like what he did to Sodom and Gomorrah before they corrupt more young and growing hearts.for the sake of souls let God do something and not our leaders because they too are involved. Godforbid I no fit be like jay

  5. by their fruits u shall know them d gays, always defending eachother about living their lives n dats ow they were created nonsense excuses. look through all d comments n u can definitely know a gay. useless sets of beings spreading diseases, dats ow they brought hiv aids into d world.

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