A Nigerian man has taken to social media to vent his anger after his wife who gave birth  through Cesarean Section (CS) denied him sex and couldn’t pound yam for him.

The Facebook user, identified as Okemadu Dominic Chinonye revealed that, his wife gave birth to a baby girl a week ago but has since refused to sleep with him or even prepare his favourite meal.

Chinonye, noted that the situation is unbearable for him, because the wife he married with his money can no longer perform her duties because of child birth.

He queried, if his wife is the first woman to ever give birth through Cesarean Section.

The angered husband, concluded that it’s sheer wickedness and laziness on the wife’s part to neglect her responsibilities as a wife in the name of CS.

However, his wife told him she needs time to heal from the operation and is always tired as a result of staying up at night.

The new mother suggested her husband should be of help to her.

See screenshot of the post below;



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