A woman has caused controversy online after she claimed that using her boyfriend’s sperm on her face cleared off all her pimples.

Many people are still debating the possibility of such claim, as it is not yet medically proven.

The woman made the announcement on twitter. See photo below:




  1. Her boyfriend sperm clear her pimples or her make up covered the pimples?? U used make up to cover the pimples you are deceiving urself. One of d face has make up while the other has no make up for.

  2. What?! Sperm has antibiotic cure and antixodant chemical mixed inside there’s no doubt about that but please how does this information helps the masses for God sake? How’s this help to the higher prices of commodities in the market across the country? Yabaline please make a positive enlightment because this information is akward to my perception. Nigeria is in the hard time of great calamities what’s the causes and what are way forwards? God bless Nigeria Amen i remain mY humble self comrade crowned prince muhammad sani AKA the Doctor.


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