So what’s your take on this?! This lady says real niggas are the ones who pull out quick even before the STD notices any penetration…

Hehe… While some other ladies are looking for longer lasting brothers, this one is okay with a two minutes guy.

What do you think?!



  1. Really??? Talk to me!!! This is what I don’t understand, nawoooooo……..some of nowadays girls has paid the price of shame…….they don’t no what is shame,,oh such a mother that give birth to an idiot like this

  2. Even if ur theory is true, it is a one sided thinking ‘cos no matter how fast the man is, and even if he withdraw b4 ejaculation he was still deposit seminal fluid in her vagina which also contain D virus. So don’t blame anybody after 3 months.

  3. She must be agent sent to confuse brainless people like her into endangering their life with HIV, aids, STIs, and STDs. She is on a mission to deceive and spread diseases. Be warned readers of her comment.

  4. don’t worry u will die young,a think u say condoms are for weak men,u will see hw ur life will be,when time comes,foolish girl,may be u are sick dt is why u wnt to speared it to men.pls men be carefully.

  5. No long story on such a girl y cos she is a fat disgrace to her family. Ewoh I pity her parents cos it’s a big waste givn birth to such a child, I wish her mum knew she wud hv aborted her frm day one. Ok guys let’s go der, pls dnt smell close to her cos al knds of Infectious diseases is in her. Hapi independent. Play safe.

  6. Hshahaha … God s giving u time to change ur ways,if u don’t change now a time will come u will cry n say I dy no then s took late for u to change, well I pity the parents that gave birth to u because u are a disgrace to women, well to HIV world because u are now a member of HIV/AIDS.

  7. First of all that’s not true
    Second of all the lady in the picture never said this( this is yabaleft work)
    Third of all whoever said this or have this thought should be ready to welcome STD or STI.


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