A woman has given birth to a baby with three heads in Uttar Pradesh, India, which has left the local community in shock.

Three-headed baby hailed

The child has attracted pilgrims from all over India who view the child as “sacred” and an “incarnation of God”.

Strangers in India have reportedly been making pilgrimages to see the newborn since its birth was announced on July 12.

According to reports, the mother, simply identified as Ragini, had a “normal” and healthy pregnancy which makes the birth of a three-headed child all the more shocking.

Three-headed baby hailed

In photos and video making rounds on social media, the infant is seen with two extra heads attached to the back of its “normal” head.

Both mother and child are reportedly doing fine and have been discharged from the hospital. However, they are said to be overwhelmed by the visits from people who are desperate to see the newborn.

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