Gifty Powers slams

Reality TV star, Gifty Powers has lambasted Nollywood actors for failing to crowdfund for their embattled colleague, Hanks Anuku, despite flaunting lavish lifestyles on social media.

This comes weeks after Hanks was spotted in a viral video roaming the streets barefoot, looking tattered and battered.

While his colleague, Shan George, said the disturbing clip is from a movie set, some others claim Hanks Anuku is mentally unstable.

 Gifty Powers slams

Hanks himself has also come out to debunk the viral video, stating that the video is from a movie he’s featured in. He also warned people to stop speaking ill of him.

Well, Gifty, a former Big Brother Naija housemate, has taken to her Instastory to lampoon Nollywood celebrities for failing to support Hanks Anuku in his period of trial and tribulation.

 Gifty Powers slams

She wrote,

“It’s funny how the so-called celebrities post their luxuries on their page, yet they can’t afford to contribute something on behalf of Hanks Anuku.

The so-called multi-billionaire daughters and fathers, the ones married to upcoming politicians, the actresses who sleep with politicians, the actors who do the yahoo, the singers, the musicians… It’s a shame y’all can’t come out to support a colleague who is running madly on the streets.

Well, it’s the world we live in. People sacrifice their souls just to show off on social media and make the youngsters feel that their effort has been for nothing and after hanging their dirty undies outside, they come on their page and write “with God all things are possible”, “small girl big God”, “we thank God for it all” as their caption..

Na thunder goes fire all of una. Fools in the ’30s, 40s, etc.”

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