Tobi begs Big Brother

Looks like Tobi Bakre is regretting his actions, after he put up the pair, CeeLo (Cee-C and Lolu) up for eviction, and saving BamCo (BamBam and Rico) in the process.

…He also feels bad for bad-mouthing his former strategic partner, Cee-C in the house.. Now, it seems as though he is ready to make things right with her.

Tobi begs Big Brother

During his diary session this evening, the current head of house revealed that he’s really feeling bad, and the same time, amazed that cee-c is still cordial with him even after his unprecedented on Monday. Tobi also says, he looks forward to starting over again with Cee-C even when they leave the house.

He further pleaded with Biggie to give him a box of chocolates and flowers to aid his apology to CeeC.

In response, Big Brother reminded Tobi Diamonds are a girl’s best friend so he should save his apology for later.

Tobi laughed and revealed he would have to win the N45m and would definitely do that for her.

During CeeC’s diary session, she said she was completely shook by Tobi’s decision to put her up as she thought that their friendship was strong enough to surpass any disagreement.

Tobi begs Big Brother

Some reactions below, after Tobi’s diary session earlier on today;

@Shingiraitadzi1: “Both Tobi and Ceeci are sweet and they deserve each other. People dont understand what real love is. There is love between Ceeci and Tobi. I hope Biggie wil grant Tobi his request to cool down Ceeci. Im now giving Ceelo my 800 votes now. I want him to stay but im Tolex”

@octosixj: “The bible teaches us to forgive yet we encourage unforgivness and hate then on Sunday you will go to church and be begging God for mercy.”

@sarahjonathan01: “At this point of the game he need people who can be for him and not against him, he is doing it to win her trust nothing more. Tobi is smart”

@Shingiraitadzi1: He is trying to play it smart and i lyk it. His diary session was so sweet, thats why Ceeci is dying to bring him back. Tobi has got good choice of words when he is talking and he is too fast. I think Tobi match Anto when it is how to speak and choice of words

@AsmahSo: “CeeC is just bad news and she will never change. The only thing she wants in relation to Tobi is to get him to beg her. So here we go again, he even wants Biggie to help him beg her. That is not a relationship. CeeC should go home.”

@TENIOLAIDERA: Tobi has always been nice to her,if she had reciprocated by staying humble and not let her pride and ego ruin everything,dey would have made the best couple…but attitude is everything!CC attitude sucks!Biggie pls giv her chocolate oh,make she no dey swear for him wit her biebie

@jecciluscious: I’m sure that he became uncomfortable when Teddy asked him why and other housemates surprised at his decisions. He feels he betrayed Cee-C but on a second thought, he just doesn’t want love to rob him of the 45m… Me sef can’t allow love to rob me of the mola. 45M FIRST!

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