So, it looks as if Tobi finally “grew” some balls, and he’s called Cee-C’s Bluff.. Folks on social media said he has finally broken the chain of bondage & captivity!


Tobi has on multiple ocassions become a subject of mockery on social media over his “constant begging” and apology to Cee-C for doing “Absolutely nothing”…. and now, he’s finally grown some balls.

Tobi claimed Cee-c tried to insinuate he was attempting to touch her without her consent while she slept……..He also said she doesn’t let him be himself and curtails him from interacting with other housemates…

A shocked Cee C apologized after he walked out the second time, but her apologies fell on deaf ears as he ignored her…..

Cee C ended up in tears as she couldn’t believe it…..

And Tobi who stood his ground despite Alex urging him to talk to Cee C, slept on his own for the first time…

Watch some videos;

Tobi walked away from Cee-C (PART 1)

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Tobi Walked away from Cee-C For the second time:

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Cee-C speaking to Alex, saying “If today pass, Tobi will not like the other side of me”


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