Different reactions have trailed a video that captured some female students of the Federal University of Oye Ekiti taking off their hair do hurriedly.

The video which was shared on TikTok, captured a large number of student losing and cutting off their braids with the help of their colleagues.

The recorder who shared the video online stated that the girls were asked to take off the coloured hairs or forfeit the writing exam.

According to her, it is an examination policy that people who have coloured hair or attachments would not be allowed to write exams.

In a bid to sit for the exams, the students who had coloured hair and didn’t want to risk missing the exam started taking it off.

Below are some of the reactions from netizens,

@jennyyyy:  Na why I day always do all back if I wan go write exam

@Shekyena:  Does it mean if you have coloured hair on you can’t pass the exams?

@Coco:  They don’t know the school has a policy like this before coming to exam center with attachment?

@divinefavouroleka:  see school wey give me admission that year o lol thank God I no accept am

@hay_jay:  Me nd my didi plus cooperate wears Doing exam periods

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