Toyin Aimakhu has been allegedly kidnapped by her ‘Boyfriend’, Seun Egbegbe. If reports going rounds are to go by, Toyin allegedly broke up with her man, Seun Egbegbe and He felt it was because of the Suicidal Comedian – Twyse_116, so, he allegedly kidnapped her and seized her phones.

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Toyin Aimakhu New Man2

Recall, yesterday, the actress posted a teary video of herself crying over Comedian emere (Twyse_116) who tried to commit suicide asking the young comedian not to and she also professed her love for him, which of course we all understood cos she was trying to convince him not to take his life.

But How Did her Boyfriend who many claim is her Husband react to Toyin’s Humane act?

Now this is the most unbelievable act of insecurity I have heard of…

Hours after Toyin’s video, it was reported that Twyse (the suicidal comedian) is ok, …and then Toyin’s instagram handle appeared to share photos of Seun Egbegbe..Then some of fans kept commenting until a lady who is a student a Toyin’s film academy claimed she had been kidnapped, narrating how a man came dragging her over her Instagram post (The teary video)

The student claimed Toyin is fed up with acting, as she’s ready to run away due to the fact that her fans doesn’t like her new man – Seun Egbegbe and she doesn’t want to go back to her ex-husband, Adeniyi Johnson.

Below is a narration of what went down by one of her student in her academy:

I’m her student, can’t get through to her cos she told us she was tired of acting and was gonna run away cos people don’t like the new man she’s with and she doesn’t want to go back to uncle niyi, so she’s breaking up with him. So I was with her today and she said head of school should come that she needs to relocate for like six months that we won’t be meeting on next week again, so she said her fans are very important to her so when we got to the location she heard about that guy who happens to be her friend and the next thing, the guy came and said “No wonder she wants to break up with him that she’s sleeping with him (The suicidal comedian) and he started shouting, he collected her phone so she signaled me to run away and since we’ve been calling her and we can’t get through to her please help us cos she’s out….


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