The lady on Twitter, Kambili Korie who accused actor/TV presenter, Uti Nwachukwu, of raping her some years back, has deleted her account.

This action comes no more than 48 hours after the media personality petitioned the police and demanded an investigation into the rape allegation.

It should be recalled that the individual behind the Twitter account had alleged that Uti raped her in August 2017 and she shared a screenshot of a message from a user saved with the name “Uti 2” apologizing for forcefully having his way with her. The person behind the account also made some other claims.

Shortly after the allegations, Uti Nwachukwu filed a petition with the police demanding an investigation into the allegation.

A recent check show that the Twitter user’s account has now been deleted — reacting to this, Uti says he will still be going forward with the police investigating the rape allegation.

Uti wrote on his IG page,

I didn’t want to be speaking this unfortunate allegations gain; but it’s also important that I update you all on recent developments.

My accuser- who’s account was created only recently to accuse me of this horrendous crime, has been deleted before investigators could identify her.

This is unfortunate because it doesn’t fully exonerate me from the accusation the way the courts would have done; I REALLY needed the opportunity to prove my innocence and this culprit face the full penalties.
However, I am still going to continue to work and cooperate with the police to get to the bottom of this.

Victims of sexual abuse need to be heard and believed, and it’s why I will continue to pursue this to prevent anyone else from making it even harder from victims to speak out.

Thank you all for your messages and show of support; it’s been a difficult period, but I appreciate how so many of you who know me, have stood by me.”

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