UK-based Nigerian student pranks

A UK-based Nigerian student has played a rather expensive prank on his classmates and filmed their reactions.

He took Aboniki – a popular methylated balm in Nigeria – to school and tricked his classmates into rubbing it in their eyes and faces.

Some of those who rubbed the hot and peppery ointment could barely see afterwards and were writhing in pain.

The student shared a video compilation of how they reacted to the ointment on TikTok and admitted that he asked them to rub it on their faces

UK-based Nigerian student pranks

The video has sparked an uproar on social media as netizens criticize him for pranking his colleagues despite knowing how intense and painful Aboniki is when applied on one’s bare skin.

See how some reacted below,

@omoneadebudo wrote,

“This is not funny, that thing feels so hot and painful 😒”

@li_li_annna wrote,

“This is harmful. Suspension is waiting for him”

@nene_george wrote,

“This kind play is expensive. It can get him/her suspended from school. Don’t play with people like that and he even recorded it.”

@unpredictable_k wrote,

“That’s not funny he can go to jail for that silly wickedness, it’s not joke you know it’s something that can cause damage and you intentionally do it to them that doesn’t know it”

Watch the video below,

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