We really do NOT understand Gifty one Kobo.. She’s been giving Mr 2Kay tough time..

First, Mr. 2kay claimed Gifty as his Girlfriend, when the Big Brother Naija reality TV show was still ongoing, and she was still in the house.

Moments after she was evicted, Gifty denied ever dating the singer, they went head-to-head on social media, and we thought that was all.

Of recent, Mr 2kay in a new interview with HipTV, he declared that he personally made Gifty what she is today. He said;

BBNaija Gifty and Singer, Mr. 2kay.

“Getting to where she is today, I supported her, all glory to God. Even when I got her in my video it was to support her, to see that she grows from where she was to another level”.

He also went further to say he opened all her social media accounts for her.

“I opened her Instagram for her, I opened her Snapchat for her, I opened her Twitter page for her. The only thing I didn’t open for Gifty was Facebook. I did all that for her to support her. Few days ago when someone needed her for something I gave her number but if she was in my position she would not give my number out”.

He also claimed Gifty was living with him before she left for Big Brother.

“It was from my house to Big Brother, she came back from Big Brother back to me house”.

Now, one of Gifty’s follower on Instagram, mentioned her, and asked her to make a comment on the issue, But then, she blatantly said she has no idea who Mr. 2kay is.

See the screenshot of the conversation below;

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