A Nigerian man identified as Babajide, recently took to Twitter to highlight some of the behaviours women exhibit on first dates that makes men lose interest in them.

According to him, it’s “unladylike” for a woman to eat all the food in their plates or chew bones while on a date.

Babajide also said any woman that attempts to request for take away on a casual date is not a spec. He pointed out how some women pretend to want to pay for the takeaway by themselves, simply because they know the men will turn down the offer and pay for it.

In his defense, he said “a date isn’t an avenue to display that you’re a foodie! You are coming to have a discussion in the actual sense, the meal is just for refreshment ( I assume you’d have had your fill before coming) so focusing on the food and crushing bones is needless!”

See his tweet below,

His tweets has triggered mixed reactions from Netizens with some tweeps dragging him for his biased assertion.

See some of the reactions,

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