Nigerian fashion designer Jeremiah Ogbodo, popularly known as Swanky Jerry, has expressed his disappointment with singer 2Baba for failing to address the misunderstanding between him and his wife, Annie Idibia.

Swanky who used to be best friends with Annie, but appears to be currently at odds with her, noted that the singer’s attitude makes him wonder whether he is comfortable with their friendship.

Swanky voiced his concerns on the second season of the Young, Famous & African reality show, during a chat with 2Face and other cast of the show.

“I kind of feel weird that he [2Baba] didn’t reach out to me during the whole stretch of me and Annie, like situation. And I just really wanted to know like what’s up?

“I feel like the quickest person that would have been able to resolve our misunderstanding would probably have been him [2Baba].

“I just felt like you were not there for me at that time. I just really wanted to get clarity, like, do you f*ck with this relationship at all?” He said.

2Baba, visibly angered by the question, responded sharply, “I feel some kind of way for you to ask me that. Both of you are adults, right? I wasn’t even aware of what was happening. I am still friends with you, and I am still her husband. I don’t care about the issues you two have. Resolve that conflict. Don’t drag me into any nonsense.”

The singer found Swanky’s question disrespectful, stating that Swanky could have approached him directly via telephone or other means to draw his attention to the ongoing dispute between him and his wife, Annie.

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