A Liberian woman has explained how she had the ultimate revenge on her cheating Nigerian Husband.

According to her, she revealed that she has been married to the Nigerian man for over 8 years, and he has been cheating on her over the years but she finally had enough when he decided to travel back to Nigeria to spend time with a lover.

She revealed she had set up their phones in a way she could monitor what the other partner was doing.

Instead of confronting her husband before his trip, she let him believe she was in the dark and he traveled while she mapped out her plan for revenge.

So when the man finally traveled to Nigeria, she decided to move out of their big house to a two bedroom apartment and put up their big house for rent ($1,275 per month).

She moves all their property to a storage and took just what she and her three kids needed.

Upon her husband’s return after two months, he found out he had no access to the house and called her.

She then broke the news to the shocked man. She also said she won’t divorce him but will be separated from him for one year. If he changes in a year, they could get back together, if he doesn’t, she’ll sell the house.

Watch the video below;


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