The United States Embassy has stated that it doesn’t enjoy denying Nigerians visa. The embassy made this known in an effort to correct ‘alleged anomalies’.

Nigerian have now been asked by the US Embassy to follow a Live Facebook on the issue on Wednesday 2pm.

US Embassy, Nigeria

A statement reads:

Contrary to popular opinion, visa officers do not enjoy handing anyone the 214b refusal letter.“Proof: Visa Officers will be live on Facebook to talk about some of the commonly misunderstood questions on the DS 160 and help you improve your next application.”

Some Nigerians, however, stormed the page’s comment section to disagreeing with the embassy’s statement.

A certain Akufai Valentine Jonah recalled how he was denied a visa despite obtaining a scholarship in 2013.

He wrote:

“I had a terrible experience in 2013. I got a scholarship to attend a conference in Denver but I was denied a visa . I was not angry because I was denied visa. I was angry with the disrespectful manner the consular officer spoke to me.“Imagine giving one that refusal letter and you are told ‘off you go’ without any tangible explanation. After reading the letter, it states that I don’t have strong ties to my country either through being married, neither do I have a job. Back then I worked with an NGO and it was clearly stated in my application form. I have forgotten the third excuse. “I just laughed and left, I know people who were single then and are still single today that have got US visas. I know people who have no jobs but have got US visas. I know people who had zero travel records but were granted US visas. Since that episode I have never ever applied for a US visa because I don’t have any business there for now.”

Adaobi Emmanuella Njoku wrote ;

“Contrary to what you just posted, I think and believe they actually do enjoy it because they act like they know it all and still end up giving visas to people without genuine intentions.“I can’t wait for Wednesday to come because I have already prepared my questions. They will explain to me how it is possible to deny a person a visa three times with three different reasons at different times when the form was filled exactly the same and for the same purpose: for a medical trip to help save one’s child. I can’t wait for Wednesday.”


  1. They refused me visa 2 times the first time i cried and felt like the wold is gonna crash, i got admission at the Colorado Mesa University, i went to the embassy with my complete document the person that interviewed me asked me why do I want to leave my country to the USA i told him how important USA certificate is all over the world, and the importance of meeting people with different backgrounds in other to learn different cultures from them, the last question he asked me was if am married and i said No, his reply was “oh sorry you can come again next time, without telling me why, the second interview was same question of if am Married and i said No, he said same thing the first person that interviewed me said. So i left without getting angry but I said to myself Mary go get yourself admission in Nigeria and school, i already had my HND then, i wanted to go for Bsc programme again because that was what i want to. Now i got my pgd. And am in 400l now. So going to the USA is not a do or die thing to me again. I will go when the time comes. Their behaviour there at the embassy is like they know everybody’s intentions but they don’t, because they give the wrong people visa more.

  2. Man don’t mind them I won a visa lottery in 2011 to 2012 and I was also denied because I have no skills of job and I have my SSC result and I fill all necessary thing in there form…why choosing my name in visa lottery when US embassy knowns that they are not going to issue the visa for me after spending a lot of money

  3. Seriously this issue of denying people without any tangible reason must be taken care of. Went for an interview this April and was also denied without any tangible reason despite the fact that I went with genuine letters from my company stating that I would be going on just 2weeks vacation as the production manager of the company,for crying out loud am not going to beg in US;the most painful thing is that the document I went with was not asked for not to even talk of accessing them to verify if they’re authentic ,to me I felt ambushed by the consular,please let’s be kind we ‘re all humans.

  4. It is hightime they put an end to this visa denial without authentic reasons, I was once a victim. I was denied visa for reasons that was not relevant since then I never applied again because I have no business for now.

  5. This denial from US embassy isn’t funny atall,cos I imagine how stalk illiterates get visas and you that have a tangible reason with a well paid job and good documents from ur company will be denied just because am single and was told my status must have changed befor reapplying….why don’t they check my document to see d reason why am going there for crying out loud am going to spend my hard earned money to there country and not going to be a liability to anyone…but all well and good I pray my country should be a better place 🙏🏼.

  6. Never applied and i can never apply for USA visa i prefer UK or Canada or Australia better still Germany,Ukraine or Russia d re better than that over hyped USA.. Stupid country,your Neighbor might wake up one day,go into ur house and shoot u in d head.. What a waste,d think d know it all,d should learn from Canadians even Ireland is better than them..

  7. USA is not trust worthy they fail at anytime even after you make payment for tuition fees my cousin was denied visa after paying tuition fees. Still wondering how he will recover d money back.. You deny pple visa every day.. Y not shut down US embassy all over d world so no one will bother applying

  8. I went last year September with well filed document going for vacation and a coursin brother wrote them who works in bank of America and also a citizen of U.S., after presenting all this fat the consular ask me why are you not going with your son which I told him his just four months then and since am not staying long is just 15days that my next vacation I will go with the family, but he look at me and said Mr Godknows please try next time. Was giving a blue shirt and my vacation cancel just because I am not going with my son felt very bad and disappointed.

  9. I went for visa interview last year August but I was denied without any reason but this is becoming too much when they know they won’t give us visa why are we paying a lot of money for visa fee thousands of people attend interviews everyday please let them find solution to that

  10. Seriously US embassy in not ment to be in Nigeria anymore

    They are just wasting applicants money without any genuine reason… What piss me off in that is that they give all applicants the same denied letter without any explanation

  11. I also noticed that the same copy of the denied letter were giving to everybody that applied. Is it that they cannot express everyone’s opinion or what. I answered all the questions the consular asked me only to hear you have no travel history. So if all the countries in the world are requesting for travelling experience, then it means nobody will travel outside his or her country

  12. At least return the money paid for the visa fee if you deny my visa to me it a bully like attitude, your embassy broke my heart fine but return my money,that would help too

  13. I have a country where I am doing well, I wanted to go for my friend’s wedding anniversary but they denied me visa. I don’t know what is special about that country anyway. I am disappointed by the way the treat us. I won’t step my feet in your embassy again. That money that I am going to spend unnecessary I better give it the less privilege.

  14. I once had a denial episode with the us embassy. no questions about d kids or family members i was going with u no.the consular just did wot he felt at that particular moment. but i thank God am doing great now with my kids where we are as we just wanted to go on vacation.but sha it will be ok if our money can be refunded as most people got it thru loan or sellingof personal property. nijA si ma daa ooo

  15. I lack words to say, all I see is corruption,not only Nigeria is corruption…they should refund Visa form money like they do at China embassy

  16. American embassy is a business center in various countries to make money and every year they have total amount of visa they give out to travellers,it can never exceed, when they get to the limit they stop giving visas. So every other applicants will be denied after paying Visa application fee. Rubbish

  17. The new thing now with the American embassy is, your visa will be approved and u buy your flight ticket anf set out on ur trip, only for u to be told half way your journey that u cant go further, that u needed to go back to Nigeria to see them at d embassy, on getting to Nigeria you will be told ur vusa has been cancelled without giving you any reason for that.

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